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I'm dealing with powerful negative energy from an individual?

There’s an individual I work with that has a very strong negative energy that I have felt since I first began working with him. Thing is, he was a very nice person to start out with, helping me, saying hello and all that, but it seems his true essence is showing after about four months at my job.
He’s ignores me for the most part now, but every time I notice he’s looking at me or he’s within a few meters of me, I drop things and I just feel an overwhelming sense of discomfort. My face cringes when I pass by him and I feel my eyes watering (not to cry, but just a negative, negative energy). The last time I worked near him, he turned around in my direction and I felt a surge of hostile energy almost take over me.
Thing is, I’m what somebody would consider intuitive or very “aware” of these things, so I know it isn’t prejudice or anything like that. I wear an Obsidian to deflect the energy, but is there anything else I can do (besides avoid him which I really can’t do).
I try and affirm myself, but there’s something very discomforting, almost as if its trying to tell me something about him. I have a feeling he’s done things in the past or will do something in the future, not to me but something very, very bad.
Those who are spiritually/psychically in-tune are more than welcome to help me out on this because likely you’ll understand what I’m saying best.
Smart A**es- just get your 2 pts and leave, thanks.
Holy Rollers- believe me there’s nothing “Holy” or “Divine” about the individual I’m mentioning, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t lump by beliefs as being “bad” or “diabolical” just because it isn’t yours.


  1. I work for the government, too. LOL Kidding. First of all, what does obsidian have to do with deflecting energy? It’s a rock…..put your faith in the ONLY rock and that is Christ. Call on Him for protection, call on Him as your guardian and trust in Him to protect you from whatever it is that is making you uncomfortable.
    Since you didn’t claim to be a Christian, maybe you’re not and that person is and whatever is lodged inside of you is feeling really uncomfortable about the Holy Spirit in this guy.
    katiefish <><

  2. Fast and pray. Have you ever played occult games or practices. These can cause spiritual possession and oppression. Beware of feelings! Although, you may be right.

  3. I think he’s just fed up with his job and taking it out on you.
    He could have some real bad problems at home that he’s bringing to work and taking it out on you for being there.
    Try to keep out of his way.
    But when you see him face to face -smile.

  4. Theres recent research being done, about our disconcerting sense of “deja vu”, that appears to have some modicum of validation.
    They are not applying the concept of “previous lives” either, but some chemical reaction we have to certain people that overwhelms us with a sense of “I know that person” (they have not found any connection yet, about having been someplace before or doing the exact same thing before ).
    Now that they have discovered the neurotransmitters that make us “addicts” to a variety of products, this mystery might be resolved.
    My best guess is that you are “sensing” something about this individual, that is triggering an internal “danger,danger” reflex. Gut instinct, intuition, sixth sense, psychic or whatever you want to call it. Perhaps consulting a psychic wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

  5. Read the book, “Psychic Self-Defence” by Dion Fortune… it sounds to me like you are being psychically attacked, & on purpose!
    I actually read the book to help keep this from happening to “sensitives” near me. It really helped me get things under control.
    If the person is trying to do this & succeeding, they’ll back off if you really bore yourself. I mean it. Until you find that book, just recite the states or count to yourself, or stare at something until the feeling passes. Proximity is the last step of psi-vampirism & then it will be touch, so take care! Good thoughts to you, friend.


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