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I'm curious of Buddhism.?

I grew up Roman Catholic but as of now I consider myself Agnostic.
I have looked into Buddhism on more than a few occasions. I looked up Zen and I’m starting to really like the concept in which Buddhist believe.
I live in St.Louis,Mo and I can’t find information on how to become Buddhist or where to learn.
I’m not into church If church is like catholic church. Its very boring.
I like the meditation and want to participate in those kind of activities.
Where can I find the information?
I’d also like to hear about you and how you (as a Buddhist) spend your days praying or what have you.
Excuse me,I don’t know If Buddhist “pray” or go to “church” or the correct way to acknowledge Buddhism practices.
I’m a REAL person and I don’t believe in folklore,make believe,talking snakes,etc…..
Does the Buddhist “Bible” have stories that are hard to believe?
A “Zen Center”
Is that like the house of worship?
What happens there?


  1. There has got to be a Zen center near you in St. Louis.
    EDIT: Okay. There’s a Zen center, affiliated with the Soto lineage in Webster Groves, wherever that is. It looks like it’s close.
    Zen is a Mahayan Buddhist sect that believes that everyone can realize their own inherent Buddha nature right now in this world. They use a form of meditation called “zazen”–“just sitting.” Some sects also use riddles called “koans” to jar the practitioner into “satori”–the point of enlightenment, when he or she realizes his or her own innate Buddha nature.
    EDIT 2: A Zen center would be a place for practicing Zen meditation, Zen rituals, studying, etc.
    EDIT 3: The Missouri Zen Center has a reading list that you may want to start on: http://www.missourizencenter.org/practice.html
    Zen is just one of MANY sects of Buddhism. Buddhists don’t believe in or pray to gods, and there is no Buddhist “Bible.” There is a canon of books, which differs by the sect. Certain sects emphasize different works.
    A Buddhist church is not a place of worship, but a place for practicing Buddhism. Some Buddhists pray to the Buddha, but it is understood in Theravada that the Buddha is in nirvana and cannot hear prayers. Some Mahayana sects believe that Buddhas and bodhisattvas are like Catholic saints which can be called on for help. (Zen is not one of the Mahayana sects that believes this).

  2. http://buddhism.meetup.com/523/
    No, there is no single Buddhist bible, and the language of the various sutras is considered to be figurative, literary images to help us imagine the unimaginable. In fact, the general “factuality” of the Buddha’s life is unimportant. Whether or not the Buddha was really Siddhartha Gautama, and really lived when and where he generally believed to have lived, is unimportant placed next to whether or not his teachings can help you, now, here, in this life.

  3. I am not Buddhist , but have starred this for my contacts to see
    this is a really good .. easy to read site
    the story of Sidhartha is not very far fetched , he was a real prince
    of course parts are embellished for affect
    some lovely myths and metaphors and parables
    but nothing a Buddhist would lie about

  4. I have always learned that, though it is the easiest way, merely buying a book or googling info, may be a kind of sketchy way of finding things out about Buddhism. Getting a real person to answer your questions is the best way. Find a local temple and go ask a Buddhist. My wife is Tibetan Buddhist (one of the many kinds of Buddhism) and I have learned a lot about the Faith I couldn’t have known until I experienced it…And I thought I was pretty savvy about the beliefs. Another advantage is, you aren’t going to get negative, uninformed information- like my writer friend here who said it is a cult. Actually Buddhism feels closest to an open, honest approach to understanding spirituality.

  5. Don’t belief in talking snakes Do you believe in talking reptiles ?
    This is just another made up question to knock the Christians
    Buddhism doesn’t knock other beliefs like this So I don’t think you will make much progress
    Wouldn’t Satanism be more up your street Being the Reptilian You are
    Use Google and I feel sure something will show up Besides the Dhamma was revealed for Humans anyway

  6. St Louis DSG
    c/o Jeffrey Wilson
    1167B Appleseed Lane
    Olivette MO 63132
    I am a Tibetan Buddhist and on a good day my practice is this: morning mediationa and generating loving kindness and aspiration to be nice to people the rest of the day. I also say the refuge prayer which is saying that I look to the Buddha as my teacher and the Dharma is what he taught and is my path and the sangha as the spiritual friends to help me and I them along the way. I volunteer with wildlife so I say mantras in my head or whisper them as I’m working with the animals. Then I go about my day (i’m an ER nurse) and try to think often of love and compassion for all. At the end of the day I would meditate again and dedicate any good things I did that day to the benefit of all beings and the 3 jewels. I also say a prayer through out the day whenever I think of it to my teacher and sort of imagine he is with me giving me blessings so that I can be really loving like he is. His name is Garchen Rinpoche.

  7. You don’t ‘become’ buddhist because there’s no ‘you’ to convert to it, and buddhism is more about realisation than belief.
    Keep in mind there are different levels of understanding within buddhism, as within hinduism. Just because illiterate farmers bow to buddha statues and light incense doesn’t mean that’s what buddhism’s about; in fact in many instances this is against what buddhism teaches. Look into ‘paramatha sacca/ultimate truth’ within theravada and ‘sunyata/emptiness’ within mahayana for a better understanding of what buddhism really is.
    Buddhism has a talking horse… Buddhist texts have lots of stories that rational people dont’ believe in, like men flying in the sky and sinking through the ground. The essence of buddhism is far deeper than stories though; no stories are needed in buddhism at all, just realisation that you experience yourself.


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