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Im considering joining the Golden Dawn and was wondering people thoughts. I Only want to be good, no bad.?

I hear dealing with magick is bad, but I dont understand how that could be if you try to do all good in the world. Enlighten me on the subject please.


  1. So long as it stays within the law, and you want to do it, it’s fine. ‘Magick’ is not real, though. Maybe if you do join you should get verifiable evidence of ‘Magick’ working.

  2. Since nothing magic is going to happen, please go forth and mix thy copper sulfate with hydrogen peroxide and pour the mixture on thy body.
    It will be spectacular – if not wholly magic.

  3. Magic(k) is not bad. It is a process of raising energy, infusing it with your will and intent, and then directing it where you want it to go. It takes time, study, and practice. Don’t expect it to happen overnight. So many people have no idea what they’re doing and then claim that magic doesn’t work.
    Before enrolling in the Golden Dawn, I would suggest you read the book by the same name. It’s written by Israel Regardie. It will give you a very clear idea of what to expect and what will be expected of you. Good Luck.

  4. Personally, I wouldn’t join the GD. There is way too much fighting between the different leader and its way too political. As well, I have issues with western systems because they are far from the original roots. One example, is western systems have changed not only the elemental order but the the direction they face.
    My suggestion is if you want to join some type of order, is research all the different systems and school. Find one that teaches ancient middle eastern/near eastern systems. Those that have been practiced without change for more than 6000 years. Study those are as well as Western Systems.
    To get an idea of those systems, I would check out the book Magic That Works. If what you read in it ring with you, then pursue it further. If it doesn’t and western practices ring true with you, then seek out the GD. Just be sure to explore all options before joining any type of school or magic fraternity, especially one where there is fighting among the different orders trying to be the supreme GD when they should all be working together as a brotherhood sharing the GD flag.


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