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I'm confused about the chakras. Is the solar plexus the navel, or above it?

One book I read said the solar plexus is the navel and the orange chakra is midway between it and the red, the other book I read said the navel is the orange chakra and the solar plexus is just above it. I know the other chakras fine, I just need help with these two.


  1. Solar Plexus is at the center of your stomach/chest area where your rib-cage meets your belly. It’s the yellow chakra.

  2. No the solar plexus is the soft area just above the belly and below the chest, right in the center of your torso or between and just below the nipples

  3. I have always believed that the solar plexus is the area of the diaphragm in the middle, right between where your ribs and below where your sternum stop. You can feel it if you push in that area.

  4. Root = base of spine/pubic bone
    Second = belly button
    Solar plexus – that hollow at the bottom end of your sternum
    heart – just over your physical one
    Throat – the dip just beneath your adams apple
    Third eye – middle of your forehead
    Crown – above your head
    Hope that helps.

  5. Look up the anatomy of celiac plexus
    that is the correct anotomical term for solar plexus
    You might want to try to encyclopedia.
    or wikipedia
    Click this link
    With this info you can decipher for yourself where the chakra should be – as there is only one solar plexus in the body.
    However it is made up of many minor plexi

  6. Don’t be confused about the chakras. The solar plexus is at the navel, not above it. Its called nabhi chakra or manipur chakra.

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