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I'm completely dead on the inside, I have no emotion or consciousness. Is there anyway to fix this?

I need a professional psychologist/therapist.
I’m 15. And I don’t think it is possible to love or cry.
Or maybe I am just in an emotional shock that I have lost all feeling and emotions.
I have been this way for 3 or 4 years.


  1. You have counsciousness, that is for sure, or else you would act instinctively (like an animal). Go to a doctor , it may be a hormonal disorder, you need some medical advice, not psychotherapy.

  2. yea smoke some weed have some fun and live a little its really all in your head ur 15 and way too young to be so down lots of teens are depressed but you can fix it if you just change your outlook on life *weed* so try to enjoy it a little more *weed* and find yourself of good source of fun life *weed*

  3. Well, I’ll admit that you may need a counselor to help you through this. I wonder if something activated your lack of emotions like a break-up or a move or a parent’s divorce. It is really kind of hard to get an over-all view of what is going on through Y!Answers. But you mentioned an “emotional shock” and it would be interesting to know what that was. But here is something I found online that may help you:
    Whenever we try to shut off close down or avoid certain emotions, the problem is that everything else can get shut down as well. It’s not like there’s one dial for happiness, another for sadness, and yet another for anger. We either feel our emotions or we don’t. If you want your positive emotions back, you will have to open up to the negative ones and work through them.
    The reasons why we shut down emotions are all based on fear, but with different variations. We may be afraid of hurting somebody else or we may be afraid that if we show our anger we’ll be negatively judged for it. We judge that we should have gotten over something from the past, but when there are still feelings left, we’re afraid that something’s wrong with us that we haven’t “gotten over” something. There are many more faces you can put on fear, including the one you mentioned, where you’re afraid of people disappointing you, so you close down instead.
    Your feelings of loving are suppressed because of your overall suppression of emotions. To feel love again, you’ll need to face your fears of what will happen when you access your anger. The problem with believing our fears, whether it’s on a subconscious or conscious level, is that the fears is always out of proportion with reality, but we have no way of knowing that unless we face what we’re afraid of.
    You may even be able to respond with, well, logically there’s nothing that you’re afraid of, you’re a strong [man] and can’t be bothered with stuff like that, but what resides in your subconscious is not under logical control. From what you write you can’t be feeling happy. How can you be when you’re not feeling anything? A person’s happiness depends on their ability to be able to exist in the world without fear of being hurt. This includes the ability to express yourself in whatever way you want without the fear of being judged for your individual expression.
    Much of our lives is spent trying to fit in, making others happy, and pleasing the people around us so that they accept and love us. We are afraid of rejection, saying or doing the wrong thing, and other people walk around you with some degree of fear. We all want love and don’t feel that we can be ourselves and express our needs and desires for fear of conflict with others. You need to get help with finding out why you’ve closed down. What sequence of events and associations have made you feel so hurt that it’s no longer safe for you to participate in life. You need to learn different alternatives to closing down your emotions so you can be emotionally safe in this world.
    Lets look at your fear of being disappointed by others. You can feel disappointed by others only if you have set up expectations for them. Can you see a pattern of creating expectations of people that are regularly broken? Where are you not listening to your inner voice? Can you see where you ignore yours needs to be loved by others? Do you believe what you’re told without waiting to see if a person’s actions are concurrent with their words? Do you get angry later when what people say isn’t what they do?
    There’s a lot for you to find out about how your mind thinks, how it comes to conclusions about people, what meaning those conclusions have, and how you can change those meanings to bring love and happiness back into your life. Besides asking yourself these questions, you also need to look at your suppressed anger and explore its triggers. All emotions relate back to behavior that you learned a long time ago. What patterns of behavior can you identify and redefine to bring you less pain and to build you knowledge about who you really are?
    You are not your behavior, the lack of love that you feel, and the hurt that you’ve experienced. So who are you? What do you like, what don’t you like? What parts of yourself are you comfortable with, which parts do you despise about yourself? Where are you angry with yourself? Where do you not let love into your own soul?
    You’re tired of being who you think other people want you to be. In a way, you’re in an emotional rebellion. If you can’t be who you really are and feel loved and accepted for you, warts and all, it can make you feel like life is hardly worth living. Your body, mind and soul are trying to communicate to you that something needs to change, that you can’t go on the way you have, that it’s just not working for you.
    All the hurt you’ve experienced is cumulative, and you’ve gone numb to stop the pain, which would overwhelm you if you were feeling emotions right now.

  4. You mention emotional shock? Did something happen four years ago? If so you could be experiencing disassociative disorder whereby you have shut down emotionally for protection.
    other than that we cant really answer you, but a therapist can.

  5. I have to admit that I’ve never heard of such a condition, it’s kind of cool. Although you need some very professional help with this.

  6. Hi Joshy,
    What happened to you 3 or 4 years ago? You say you are in emotional shock. You need to find someone you can trust to open up to. Do you have a teacher, or a school counsellor you can confide in? Your emotions are frozen because of something that happened. It might even have been a difficult time during puberty and you haven’t gotten over the loss of your childhood.
    Please talk to a trusted adult.

  7. I don’t feel REAL emotion after I smoked laced pot 15 years ago. I lost my lust for life. I barely get thru the day because my memory comes and goes and its sad because now I have three kids and I can’t remember hour to hour some days. I can do schoolwork which is good but the ability to have a simple conversation now is impossible. Its like overnight I became stupid! No Joke.

  8. You don’t need emotion…you’re special you were born to the Evil side Let the darkness inside you come out … makes everyone pay for that….no emtion =no fear …you have the power to send ppls into oblivion MUHAUHAUHAUHAUHAHAUH


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