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I’m beginning to see “auras” around people at times, and also invisable things going on around me sometimes.

I never used to be able to do this before.It’s like the more I believe in “spirituality”, the more this is happening. PLEASE, only those that understand need answer. No wise cracks! Thanks….I didn’t ask this to give you points..

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I am starting to do the same thing! An Aura is something everyone can see. Children can see them because they haven’t been filtered through society, adults have to either train themselves or they just never stopped seeing them from childhood. Auras are proven in science, they are our own electro magnetic field and this gives off colors(for all you fools calling this person crazy, just humor me and look it up). The more open you are, the more you will see, unfortunately this world has more closed minded people then open, and alot more people on medication, because hell… Read more »


I think you have a gift but in the society we live in most people will tell you you are sick. I wouldn’t call it aura but electro magnetic field, which are, at least as far as I know not an imagination of spiritual people but actually proofed in physics. When I was younger I would have told those people crazy but since a couple of years, i got much more sensitive and honestly, you wouldn’t believe what’s actually possible (and this is not drug related) but occurred in a stage where I lived in full consciousness. As our guidelines… Read more »

I have been seeing auras and have had many psychic experiences. It is quite a useless skill and gets annoying at times. Without a shadow of doubt real. I have taught many people this skill also.


I know many wiccans and neo-pagans who can see auras or uncanny visions. Welcome to an interesting but kinda scary and unexplored portion of human existance! Like any gift, now you have to know how to use it wisely. First, you do NEED to be checked out for mental illness. It is a formality, but if this is not auras but some kind of undiagnosed brain thing, then you NEED to know before you can process any further. In most people it is something genuine, but you need to cover your bases. Second, see if you can find someone to… Read more »


wash your face in the mornings sweety.It’s the gunk on you eyes that you are seeing.
Soon you could be “seeing ” men in white coats taking you in a straight jacket.
I do understand that you may not be all there.
Have you seen Casper the friendly ghost ? ?
Sinthia seems to be a gook too.


The first thing to do is to visit a doctor, to make sure that everything’s okay.
After that, we can continue on…


I get that from time to time as well. But there is nothing mystical about it, for me it is a signal that a migraine is coming on. Those are some of the symptoms of it along with others.


Like the Stephen King novel, “Insomnia?”


Can you explain how you see invisible things?


One man’s disease is another man’s talent. They are situations (doubtful if you have it) where perception of the senses and interpretation by the brain get twisted around. A few people can smell colors and some others can hear smells, things like that. An illusion is a distortion of a sensory perception. Each of the human senses can be deceived by illusions, but visual illusions are the most well known. Some illusions are subjective; different people may experience an illusion differently, or not at all. -Optical illusions, such the use of false perspective, exploit assumptions made by the human visual… Read more »

Serving Jesus

I don’t agree with witchcraft or new age philosophies. I am a Christian. However, that does not mean I don’t believe such things exist. I have seen demons, I have seen “auras,” I have heard angels. There is a spiritual world out there, and sometimes we can see into it. I am not convinced that we should, however. I believe that much of what people on acid trips or with schizophrenia see may, in fact, be something in the spiritual plane. I believe those with mental disorders should see a doctor, and I do not support the use of hallucinogens.… Read more »


The auras can be a number of things. One possibility is that you have been given the gift of discernment. If this is the case, make a note of the color of the aura of specific persons and realize that they have a common character attribute connected to a specific color.

Another possiblity is that you are simply opening up to seeing more than what what is normaly available for seeing. This is an expanded consciousness that most of the population does not have.


You may have a gift of some kind, but it does sound like a good idea to confirm that you do not have something medical going on first….if it is a gift, you then have to determine what you are supposed to do with it..it could be annoying unless it had some benefit..


embrace your abililty that you have tapped into.We all would be able to see auras if we lose the focus of our eyes.I think we can also see spirits also when we lose focus of our eyes.The ayra of a person is his or her spirit.


When I first started seeing them all It was explained to me that I was getting in touch with witchcraft. Everyone is born with witchcraft and I don’t mean evil horrid witchcraft I am talking about paganism and Wicca. Embrace this it is truly a gift from the earth and no you are not crazy. The more understanding the better you will get with your powers and become enlightened Embrace this new found gift continue what you are doing and more powers will come.


First get checked out medicaly, then use prayer.

Some Dude

Let’s hope that you are not in your late teens. A certain disease typically has its onset around then.


I have no spiritual answer but the first sign of eye problems (retina) and migraines are auras. Might want to see your eye doctor before you see your clergyman.


What you need is medication, no wisecracks intended. My Sister claimed she saw “auras” and “ghosts” and she took some medication and it turns out she had a mental disorder…Not trying to insult you or anything