im been haunted by a succubus i dint know until today, how to get rid of her?






omg i just discover this i dreamed of a girl that touched my genitals but….. the problem is that there is a chance that i might have a succubus because im very shy im not confident i speak alone like talking to a person, but i had that dream now im really worried how do i get rid of her, im so worried, how can u tell u r being hunted by a succubus


  1. if you think shes a succubus shes succubus shes a succubus the only way to get rid of her is to sing her favorite song backwards (not just in reverse order, but the words reversed to) good luck man your going to need it if your taking on a succubus

  2. ok first you wanna get a sorcerer to come to your house, they can be found in your local yellow pages. Next you’ll want the necessary supplies like 2 pounds of chalk and at least 4 bags of onions ( you can never be too careful). When the sorceror comes you should only wear red ( for the obvious reason) and simply heed his instructions weather they be confront a old friend or run away and join the circus

  3. First of all relax, it is probably just a dream. A succubus slowly drains your life away. I think I am married to one. anyway, is this a recurring dream or just a one time thing? If you are having this dream regularly you might try and figure out what this women is symbolic of in your life.

  4. ok,
    first you are probably the ONLY guy alive that would want to get rid of it….(sorry guys, but come on, its true right?? your own succubus for your enjoyment…got to be a dream come true…)
    i think you should get some salt and make a ring around your bed with the salt.
    you have to watch only pure tv shows before going to bed….no more nip/tuck or californication
    you have to eat 1 loaf of garlic bread AND you cant brush your teeth before bed.
    do that and she should be gone

  5. I don’t see why people always jump to the conclusion of everything being supernatural. It is normal to be having dreams like this, called wet dream, all guys get them. And you are probably just naturally shy. Don’t worry about it.

  6. im not those other guys telling you to sing backwards to her fave song but i am gonna tell you dont let her smell any fear ok be calm and act normal around her if u can get a camera a take a pic or a video i can see how to help u learn how to communicate with one or more people she may sense all that about you but you gotta prove that worng succubus have to be treated lke queens only if u know i know alot about it just email me

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