Sunday, September 26, 2021

I'm an Indigo child, and I'm wondering why I can feel Auras?

Please let me know if anyone knows what my connection with Auras are…


  1. Out of curiosity, how do you know you are an Indigo child. Please don’t misunderstand me but, I was under the impression that it was decided that Indigo children were normal children. I actually was disappointed because I thought it would be an exciting development in humans.

  2. No, you’re not an ‘indigo child’, and you can’t feel ‘auras’. This is mere superstitious claptrap that someone has filled your head with.

  3. everyone should feel auras and has a connection with them.
    We are conditioned and have been for centuries such things are not ‘real’.
    So to answer your question, your connection to them is the same as everyone else’s connection. They are nothing special, just another sense or different perception. Like I said though, we don’t use them anymore. I don’t know why…

  4. It has nothing to do with being an “Indigo” child- by the definitions given of indigo children, EVERYONE in my family for 4 generations (5th will be born in a month and likely also fit in this) plus all of my friends, most coworkers, almost everyone I’ve ever met (and I’ve met a lot of people) fit this category. It’s a false title to help parents feel better about their rebellious kids.
    What you feel isn’t the aura – it is something else, and everyone CAN feel it, if they practice and make an effort at it. Some of us are just better at it tham others. You’re feeling their personal energy- which is not excatly the same as an aura. It’s something everyone used to instinctually do and that animals do all the time. Animals can often tell the good people from the bad long before we do, because they rely on instincts. We push them aside, letting thought- often wrong – take over.
    That’s your connection – you’re using an innate, instinctual ability.

  5. you can feel auras because everyone can feel auras. its just that most people block out this ability before they are even able to recognize what it is. The indigos just happen to be better at using their intuition to tap into these forgotten abilities. psychic abilities, empathy, reading auras and communicating telepathically are all natural abilities built into the human body which everyone has to varying degrees. all you need to do is find them, focus on them and develop them.
    an excellent book to begin your search into the psychic realm is “Basic Psychic Development: a users guide to auras, chakras and clairvoyance” by John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher. best of luck exploring your mind and body!

  6. I’m sorry, hun, you’re not an indigo.
    You might be a synestete, however.
    The indigo children movement was created to make money off of gullable parents. I’m sorry.
    There are very real phenomena, but the channeled claims of the entity named Kyron is just pure hokum….there are no indigos.

  7. Everyone can “see” auras, even if they do not pay attention to it. It is our energy field. It is what the halos are representing in many religious pictures. Kirilian photography has captured the aura on film as well. Whenever we say, “that color looks good/not so good on you,” it is because it is in harmony or not with the aura.
    Auras shift in colors depending on our moods and physical health. My sister, who could also see auras, could always tell when someone was going to code because of the aura. Eventually they learned to listen to her and bring in the crash cart even before it registered on the machinery.
    I agree with the others there are no indigo people per se, but that is because the term shifts in its meaning with each person who writes about it. You are intuitive, however. Everyone has the capacity to pay attention to their intuition.
    Edgar Cayce wrote a book called simply, Auras. It is very inexpensive and in it he speaks of how he interpreted auras throughout his life. It was the only book he wrote himself.


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