I'm an 18 year old girl. Is it okay to have a past life regression at this age?

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I really want to experience it. Is it okay or am I still immature at this age?

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I don’t think you are to young just don’t be gullible either. Many of them will just tell you crap to make you happy. I’m not saying I don’t believe in that stuff, just make sure you go to someone reputable and don’t believe it if they say you were some queen or something. Yeah, never a peasant who died of starvation for the paying customers.

verity r

I believe it’s ok to know about your past lifes at 18.. I’m 21 and started becoming aware of my past lifes when i was 16.. I mean if you feel ready for it of course…


You’ve come to a psychology forum – so you’re going to get an answer from someone educated about science and psychology.
Stay away from anyone involved in hypnosis unless you have a parent with you and a secret voice recorder running in your pocket.
3 reasons:
1) past life regression is a crock of rubbish.
2) studies have shown that through hypnosis (and even without hypnosis) trained practitioners can ‘suggest’ things powerfully enough that people believe they actually are ‘remembering’ them. This has been proven to be false.
3) practitioners know that past life regression is a crock of rubbish – that’s why you need the voice recorder. If you’re going to put yourself in the hands and completely trust someone (hypnosis is real by the way) who’s lying to you from the get go, you need some protection.


I really wish I could have a past life regression. I feel ancient sometimes…and I have no idea why. I think you can have it anytime of your life.


Past life regression can be a wonderful way of contacting and working with your subconcious. I would say at 18 you are not too young. I don’t know if one can really recall events from a past life or not but I do not think it is a waste of time. It really depends what kind of person you are. If you are a very logical person it might not hold much for you but if you are more sensitive and artistic then it can be a powerful experiance on your path to self discovery.
Good luck!


Hochie is right. “Regression” at age 18 is to lose control to someone else and that can be exploited.
I suggest you use your rational adult mind in this life now and realize this is romantic and you are too young to commit to a relationship. If you have to ask you are not ready.
You are going to wake up pregnant. You can regress then.


it’s perfectly normal and amazing beacuse are minds were so programed to block all of that out. don’t try to fight it or ignore it see how far you can go with it. what you can remeber, ask questions where am i ? what year is it? who is that near you? write the stuff down and meditate also really concentrate you could be remebering more than one life try not to get it mixed up. and the best person to read all there books and get information on and really, seriusly check out is Slyvia Browne. I know what your going threw and she is by far the closest person ive ever found you might really have the answers


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