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Im a wiccan and my adoptive parents dont like wiccans how can i tell them?

My birth mother was a wiccan and its in our blood wiccans have nothing to do with worshiping anything evil they are basically christans wo worship god and godess and we preform magic spells to help and guide people thre life. but how do i tell my fake parents about my religion? they think wiccan is evil and i need to tell them cause i want spell books and i cant just buy tem mysefl! what should i do?


  1. Wicca isn’t in your blood. Sure you may be attracted to it but it has nothing to do with your mother. Being Wicca is about choosing the religion.
    How you get that we are “basically christans” is beyond me. Most of us AREN’T like Christians. I sincerely suggest you actually study Wicca before laying claims to being anything.

  2. Practicing withcraft is a sin, and the ultimate punishment for this is hell. You don’t have to worhip Satan explicitly to follow him. If you aren’t doing God’s bidding, then you’re doing Satan’s bidding. There is no inbetween. A wiccan is not a Christian. Being a Christian means “being like Christ,” therefore you cannot say this. Christians worship the one and only God. There are not multiple gods or goddesses. Any type of magic is of the devil. Where do you think you get the power to perform spells? You are a mere human being, without any significant powers. The devil gives you these powers. I hope that your adoptive parents can talk you out of this foolishness. You need to repent for your sins and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour over your life.

  3. I smell a troll.
    “fake parents”? If I thought this story was for real, I would think you were an ungrateful little snot. Those who adopt and raise a child as their own deserve a bit more respect than that, don’t you think? After all, they don’t *have to* take on such a difficult thing.
    Just in case you’re interested in a little education here:
    Wicca is a religion (a proper name should be capitalized – one would capitalize Christian and Christianity as well). A Wiccan is a person who follows the religion of Wicca. (“they think Wiccan is evil”) is incorrect.
    Wicca is not in your blood. You are not born with any religion *in your blood*, regardless of whether previous family members practiced. To be a Wiccan is a conscious choice one makes to study and practice the religion – it’s not a birthright.
    Wiccans are not “basically Christians” only adding in the goddess. Witches work magic spells. Not all Wiccans practice witchcraft. And not all who practice witchcraft also follow the religion of Wicca.
    As to what you should do?
    If you are for real – focus on your schoolwork first because your grammar needs a lot of work. You need at least a basic education if you wish to make something of yourself in the future. It will only help in the long run if you learned how to construct a proper sentence (some day you may be having to send your resume and cover letters to potential employers and all.)
    Thank those folks who took you into their lives, gave you a home, and are trying to guide you through your life keeping your best interests at heart.
    Then if you choose, learn what Wicca actually is before claiming the religion as your own. http://wicca.timerift.net/
    Learn what witchcraft is and how to work magic before dabbling with spells. http://www.witchvox.com/
    Refer to this article and the links from it:

  4. Which are you, a troll or someone trapped in a fantasyworld?
    You’ve been told what Wicca is by actual Wiccans.

  5. Methinks we have a crazed Harry Potter fan in out midst.
    Stop playing pretend with other peoples’ religions. It’s just plain rude.

  6. Ditto what the others say. If you think you’re basically a Christian with spells and a god and goddess, then I’m pretty darn sure what you believe in isn’t Wicca….which is fine, but stop misrepresenting the rest of us.
    Wicca is a religion. It’s not “in your blood.” It’s something you choose. We are not the chosen ones.
    You can either sit down and explain your beliefs to your adoptive parents, or you can stay silent and wait until you grow up, move out, and support yourself, at which point you can buy whatever you want.

  7. Wicca isn’t in anyone’s blood. It’s not genetic… it is a religion, therefore a choice as to whether one wants to follow it or not. Wiccans are not basically Christians– we’re not Christians at all.
    As a Wiccan, and as a parent, my best advice is to respect your parent’s feelings on the subject. Wicca isn’t going anywhere and one day you’ll be able to make your own decisions about what you read or what you practice. No one can tell you not to honor God and Goddess or pray to them or attune with nature… but everything else is just pomp and circumstance, not worthy of causing a rift in your family.
    Calling your parents “fake parents” makes it sound like you have a lot more problems with them than just what religion you choose to follow. I was also adopted, I would never dream of calling the people that raised me as their own “fake parents.”
    Perhaps if you put your relationship with your parents as a priority and work things out, and do what you’re supposed to do and show them you can be responsible, maybe they’ll be more willing to listen to you about your feelings on Wicca. But if you just make practicing this religion a rebellious act, things probably won’t get any better, you’re just going to make them dislike it even more.

  8. I believe you! i had this problem telling my dad cuz my mom is a wiccan and she raised me by that way ever scince, got my first star pendant when i was 5, got my first candle set when i was 8, got my first tarot cards when i was 9, got my first altar at 10 and my first book of shadows when i was 12! well…plan A: call you mom if you have her number and ask her to come over there to explain every thing. i think as history goes on and you REAL mom comes over to explain it IS in your blood i think that would help alot!
    plan B: let them catch you in the act. and tell them that your birth mom was a Wiccan and if they get madder tell them that if they are REAL Christians that they shoudnt be judging you because i think in the 10 commandments “Thou shall not judge”. and if they get even MADDER! tell them you cant help it because its in your blood and they cant stop what you were born with…. its like saying “in order for you to live in this white family we have to take the black off of you” its impossible! i hope this can help atleast alittle!
    your friend
    ~ iris ~


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