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I'm a one-minute man…help me!! Please!!!?

I admit, I’m a one minute man. When I have sex with my wife, it’s great…too great. I always finish WAY too soon…it gets better…I’ve been with my wife for 3 and a half years! It’s great that she still revs my engine but I wanna rev her’s too! On a GOOD night, I can last about 2 to 3 minutes. Most of the time, as soon as I’m in I’m ready to “go” in about 30 seconds. And don’t mention foreplay. If there’s foreplay it’s even shorter than that. I NEED A PILL THAT CAN MAKE ME LAST MUCH LONGER!!!! I’ve tried every technique, Tantra, and all kinds of stuff but nothing seems to work. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A PILL THAT CAN MAKE ME LAST LONGER??!! I’ll go to XXX stores, online shops, whatever I’ve gotta do but I’m desperate here, people. Somebody help me!!!


  1. ask your doctor about an SSRI .. such as prozac… they sometimes can help with this problem.. although they are not intended to do so.. so it might not be a good idea to take it..

  2. First settle down, try for oral sex on you first, then as you recover reciprocate and then make love. Condoms do reduce feeling so try wearing one just to make you last longer, a cock ring may help.

  3. masterbate hours before hand,it might make you less sensitive,or wear a condom.also think of something unrelated to sex during intercourse,but dont tell her.

  4. First of all are you sure that your wife hates it? She might like quickys, instead of hour long sex. Also if your wife performs oral sex onyou first, and then have sex you last longer. Things like viagra, make you stay up longer, but you will still nut fast. To me she loves you for who you are. She obviously don’t need to be pleased, she’s probably getting off to you getting off. It also makes her feel like shes got the goods. Even after pills, if it still don’t work, try getting her exotic pleasuring toys. Talk to her about it first.

  5. Okay – try viagra. Not sure how old you are, but if you’re still relatively young you’ll blow your top and still be able to keep going.
    Just be careful. Once you start, you’ll be dependent on them to perform.
    Did you ever think – maybe she likes it that way? If the foreplay and stuff are good, which I have to imagine you’ve mastered with your ‘condition’, then perhaps the intercourse is just the cherry on top?

  6. use special creams
    they have special sensation reducing creams that help you not get so much feelings and that lets you last longer..
    also think of some one or something real nasty and almost makes you vomit..
    do yourself earlier in the day so you can last longer when you are with her

  7. u did not say anything about a second or third round.try staying up after the first round. or try jerking off prior to having ssex with your wife.the first one is always faster than the ones after.

  8. I use to have that problem too but I discovered if I ma$turbate before I made love with a woman that I lasted much longer,then when I was ready to come I pulled out and performed oral on her for a while, then reinserted into her and kept doing that until she came. Some times while I was performing oral on her I would think of unpleasant thing so I could loose my erection. After many months of practice I can now last a long long time before I come.

  9. stop thinking about it ask your wife how she feels about your performance I now for my self my husband shares the same obsession and determination as you to please me as he thinks I want and need to be pleased. I feel in love with my min-man as is but he wont believe me. Actually his obbession to be the long ranger over the years has henderd me and what I use to find enjoyable with sex with him. My love for him is so strong and desire to make him happy with this stupid thing I cared less about in the 1st place that he think is what I want or need I guess to make him feel adiquite as a man being able to please his wife who was happy in the first place like some porno star who protray to be energizer bunnys due to film editing and the girls that protray that bigger is better and were all lieing if we say its not. I understand the need to feel happy with your self and Im flattered that he thinks Im the bomb and if I cared only about my own wants and needs I could have one heck of a eggo thinking about how my touch could do this to a man but I dont it bothers me to the point I would do anything to make my self what I felt looked hidious and so unattractive just so maybe he wouldnt get turned on as quick or fast but love pervaled and he never was able to find me not attractive with didnt help matters. I actually at times feel guilty and that some how its my fault hes not tonto the only thing that has helped me to help him find a half way medium has been to use a stap on might give it a try but most of all ask your wife and try and find comfort in how she feels about your love making

  10. levetra,,, works wonders,,, alas my wife will not allow me to take it again,,, she said i was like a friggen jackhammer

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