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I'm a Neophyte Witch: How do I chose my pantheon of Gods/Goddesses to pray to when doing rituals/magic?

I am a self-proclaimed solitary neophyte, and I’m slowly discovering my spiritual path. I’ve always had a strong interest in/attraction to Ancient Egyptian mythology, history, art, and geography. I am considering following the Egyptian Magical path (and addressing that particular pantheon). What is your advice for the novice who wants to discover his/her pantheon? I realize that there is little importance in the names I give my Lady and her Lord, but I want to connect with my passion and heritage, and all signs point to Egypt.


  1. There are many Khemetics who do NOT believe that all Goddesses are one Goddess. Khemetic is a reconstructural religion. BUT there are those who do. Just remember this is a Wiccan approach not necessarily a pagan one.
    All that being said, Start with the Book of the Dead. If nothing else its an interesting read and it gives you great insight to how the Ancients thought and lived.
    When I practiced the path I honored Thoth, Ma’at, Isis and Osiris. Though it was rare to worship Isis alone, (It was usually with in the eye of Horus with represented Osiris, Horus and Isis) many modern Pagans do as she was “Queen of the Gods”. Most of the Khemetic path honor Ma’at above others, who was Thoth’s wife and the Goddess who weighed the heart of the dead against a feather to decide if the soul was “light” enough. If you research the ancients though you will see that Thoth was honored usually above her as He was self created and held the secrets and hidden books of magic, (The Books of Thoth. If one read them they would go mad.)
    *ahem* Sorry I went off on a different direction. If you feel the Gods calling you then go for it. I am of the thought that blood calls. Just know if you wish to reconstruct the faith it’s a lot of research. Good luck

  2. I personally have never chosen a pantheon. I’m non-theistic.
    I’ve never been asked by any gods to worship them, and I would consider it rude to do so without them asking me.
    But if following the Ancient Egyptian pantheon is what you find works best for you, then you should go ahead and follow it. It’s your choice, not anyone else’s.

  3. Let your heart guide you. They will call out to you. I personally use the Egyptian Pantheon……
    Blessed Be

  4. Follow your Heart 🙂
    I would suggest Joining a Kemetic group from Yahoo! Groups.
    They can help you out allot more then we can.

  5. My advice is to exactly what you’re already doing–to research the deities and discover which you are most drawn to. I’d say you’re doing just fine so far.
    Even in my coven, we have a wide variety of Names addressed by the various members–which is why in circle, we usually just say “Lord and Lady.” They cover a range of pantheons– Greco-Roman, Celtic, Egyptian, Norse, and Hindu.
    Bright blessings, fellow seeker, and good luck.

  6. My view is that all deities are archetypes, symbols, and metaphors for a more astract spiritual energy. They help us define and invoke specific energies.
    This being the case I would encourage you to address whatever version of this energy that appeals to you the most. That is where it is strongest for you. The feeling comes from within you, so follow your heart. It will not lead you wrong. Go with what feels right.
    Wishing you joy and peace of your spiritual path.

  7. Coming from a Wiccan standpoint, you really can use any God and Goddes you want to work with. Wiccans revere the immanent in nature symbolized in the form of a Goddess and a God who are seen as equal to each other. The view is syncretic, Wiccans see all goddesses as aspects of the “Goddess” and all gods as aspects of the “God.”
    Really, you can use whatever pantheon you want to. Later, if you want to change it, you can. Spirituality is about finding what brings you close tot he divine. Your path may differ from others but that does not make it any less valid.
    I actually use the Egyptian Pantheon as a Wicca, as does my coven. Primarily I work with Isis, Osiris, and Horus. It works wonderfully for me. As far as what pantheon to work with in a Wiccan context, its really what you are drawn to.
    Lord AmonRaHa


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