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Im a "natural aura" reader. Where do i go from there?

Ive been told time and time again that im a natural Aura reader….meaning i never had to “teach” myself. When I was younger i was told this, just never paid any attention. Now that im older, i wanna know more. Alot of my friends have taught themselves certain abilities. Now i can just look at someone and see thier energy, sometimes i can see color, sometimes i cant. I want to know how i can produce my energy and highten my aura reading abilities. Also i want to know what else i can do. I can control some minor things. Like telling things to stop moving, or to move. I can also make lights turn colors. I can make for ex, the heat turn off or on no matter what or where im at. Ive been told im causing to much attention to myself and im having ALOT of people worried about me. I also have a lot of things following me. Somedays it scares me sometimes it doesnt. The dreams are the worst. I want to know whats going on with me, what more i can do, how to make myself more powerful and how to protect myself. Ive been doing loads of research and im comming up blank. So lol someone help please!!!


  1. wow your really talented. i wouldn’t want to make you angry you might turn the heat off in my house. lol (=
    just keep at it, you probably haven’t reached your peak yet and if your a natural you’ll just keep getting better.

  2. i know that this might seem a bit of a drag but you should meditate every day…yes every day. Maybe before you go to bed like i do or as you wake up because those 2 times are when you are most calm.
    You could try talking to people who can also do the same thing and asking them for advice.
    good luck

  3. Sorry that I have to seriously doubt you. Since no one in the history of the world has done this, for us to take your word without evidence is senseless. What tests has been done on you? Who can confirm this? For someone to have such ability would be more historic than man landing on the moon.
    To have a power and not use it is a waste. There is a million dollars waiting for the first person that can prove this. Win the million and prove to the world that there are no liars or self-deceptive people when it comes to this.
    Don’t need the money? Give it to a charity and save some children lives from starving or disease. Just simply prove what you claim. Do something good!

  4. It would seem to me that you have the talent, but lack the discipline. What I mean is that your talents are quite unbridalled, and could do with some regulation. At great risk of using an overly used term here, you need to ground your abilities.
    Try to apply science to your work. For example, try to learn and understand the hows and whys of it all, the mechanics behind how and why it all works. This can give you a firmer foothold for you to move on from.
    For example, try looking into the science behind the aura. A good article on this, which describes how to see the aura (etheric level, primarily) with the naked eye, shows some of the science behind it all. You can find it here; http://twurl.nl/fvamux
    Even in magic, there is logic – even in the most arcane things, there is science. You might do well to study the principles of alchemy.
    When and if you read the article, please feel free to message me and tell me your thoughts, okay?
    Nice talking to you – I hope this helps! ^_^


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