I'm a matchmaker of sorts, I'm a Psychic Medium who gets people togehter. Recently, I had a client who asked

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who asked me why when she tried online dating, were guys not answering her. She was truly pleasant and she is beautiful. One guy told her that because she had no body photo’s that all the men assume a woman is overweight when they don’t show a body picture. Now women assume a guy is not handsome when he doesn’t show photo’s of his face close up. So is this true, is that why men are ignoring her, I told her that the feeling I was getting is that the men that are not responding are men that are not right for her anyway, so they are saving her from time spent and dissappointment. SO MEN, I’D LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU… AS MEN, WHAT IS THE KEY TO GETTING RESPONSES FROM MEN ON THE ONLINE DATING SITES – WHAT’S THE MAGIC THAT WORKS BEST, WHAT SHOULD A WOMAN LOOK LIKE AND WHAT SHOULDMS SHE SAY ABOUT HERSELF – this is a very interesting thing as this gets asked of me a lot and it just feels to me that so many men run from what they think might be before they ever give someone a chance.

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someone who is positive charming not outright s.l.u.t.t.y and rude but open and honest good looking and a strong will


Simple, why take the risk, they could be underage, a guy acting as a girl and all sorts… you do not really know who ou are talking to…..have her try Yahoo personals,

George W

If you are really what you say you are. Then you should know that there is no ideal that we look for. Shallow pigs go for blonde…yadda yadda. I go for personality. Can she carry a conversation, or does she sit like a stone. Is she intelligent? How does she carry herself?
But, so answer your question directly, as to what to do on online sites, show cleavage, sigh.

Norbert Essing

Howdy webmaster, i think that what you say is absolutely convincingly.


Your’e a psychic medium. You shouldn’t have to ask.


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