I'm a ghost hunter and I have a third eye but it seems that only some of my friends have it what should I do?

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And the number of third eyes are only 3 of my friends.

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someone has been watching too much tv…
go see psychiatrist…


What do you mean what should you do? Hang out with the people who aren’t so willing to give in and see witches just because you do. Seriously… I’ve got the closest thing to a 6th sense that exists. I can predict things before they happen and it’s not magic… it’s pattern recognition. It’s just problem solving. That’s what the psychics and the prophets and the ghost hunters do too. I’m as good at it as anyone… It’s math and physics and observation of context…
and we don’t become ghosts after we die. By the way heaven and hell only exist while we do. The afterlife is a metaphor. Good luck.


If we are talking about the spiritual 3rd eye here then we all have one. However some people choose not to use or work through theirs. That is their decision and as such should be respected. There is nothing that you can do if your friends choose not to be open in this way.
Hope this helps, good luck in the future 🙂


Keep doing what you’re doing. You wouldn’t stop hanging out with people because of their hair color – what does them not having a trait you have got to do with anything?


there isnt really much u need 2 do
if u want more friends like u create a group maybe like TAPS
if u want more friends that rnt like u them go 2 the mall n talk 2 random people ( most likely they wont have the same powers) lol
other then that idk wat u can do


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