I'm 15 and last year i used to see peoples Auras. Not anymore though. Why?

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I was in 8th grade and i was seeing peoples auras and then this year i totally lost it! Why? It was so cool! I told someone that i was seeing colors around people and she told me they were auras and very special if you could see them.

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Starr P

what is Auras?


You were probably visualizing something about the person. The persons personality would determine the color. You just need to be more imaginative like you were in 8th grade.


What were you smoking then?


Young children are more open to many things. Thats why they say young children can see spirits, etc. Maybe, because you are a teenager, you have more on your mind (dating, school, etc) and don’t have the uncluttered mind you had as a child.

Maureen S

You so lucky to have had that experience, but it did show you the energy around people and things, didn;t it. Some people never have that experience.
Somehow you have blocked yourself. Did it bother you at first? Were you worried, anxious, didn’t feel “normal”?. Have you changed somewhat this year in your personality and thought process.?
There are many reasons why it has stopped.
Sit quietly, in a chair and stare at a particular object. A plant gives out a great aura. Slit your eyes, until they are nearly closed. Concentrate on that object and look for the energy around it. If you do this a few times, you should be able to see a white aura around the object. Same with a plant.
If you want this to come back. You must relax and not get anxious about it.
It may not come back for a few months, few years even.
There are tricks like the above one and you could probably look it up on the net.
to STARR-P – an aura is the energy field that surrounds everything on this planet. Different people have different colors, but it changes with moods and emotions. People, plants, animals, stones, etc. etc. all have an energy around them. It is a great gift to be able to see aura’s, but it can be “learned”.


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