IIs studying about Native American Mythology or religions uncuston for Christians?

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Is learning about NATIVE American stories and thier lifestyles contrary to what christians should do? I mean I have learned about Buddhism and Shamanism before but have not applied them to my life but I have felt uncomfortable for reading it because i am christian.

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Learning should never make you uncomfortable.
If your religion makes you avoid learning, you should rethink your religion.

wild wench

My sister is Christian and has been studying Native American culture and religion for years.


You can study it just don’t get too into it.


The cult does have an interest in keeping its adherents ignorant.
The intent of organized religion is to prevent the ignorant masses from questioning authority or thinking critically. This is based on the premise that by doing so you raise a docile population, but the results have often been just the opposite. (See Islam).


You *should* study other cultures. Absolutely.


its like saying .. i am christian but i am studying sorcery …
isn’t that a sin ?
you’re studying the ways of satan …
God forbids it.


Shouldn’t Be Shy of other cultures.


There’s nothing wrong with learning about other cultures or religions. It means you are not being ignorant of the world around you. You don’t have to believe what you learn, but you must be open minded in understanding other people.


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