Home Discussion Forum If you're psychic, can your powers work via the Internet?

If you're psychic, can your powers work via the Internet?

If so, can you tell me just by this message board what my future is? I am in a rut. Would love some thoughts.


  1. Jackie, you’re a bit too late. Recently we had a public “psychic reading” done over the internet here in this category, where a psychic only required to see a photo of the person’s eyes. Well, when a non-believing skeptic asked for some specific predictions, it was a complete fiasco. The “psychic” completely missed the mark. I don’t think that psychic has come back since then. Personally, I’ve not seen an example of a psychic actually demonstrating psychic powers over the internet or in person, cold reading notwithstanding. So, my advice is not to get too hopeful here.

  2. Your future has yet to be written. If you could see the future, it would change due to observation. Kind of a shcrodingers cat situation

  3. Yes, IF you’re psychic.
    This is not a message board.
    I can’t, and wouldn’t if I could, but there is an abundance of charlatans who will tell you anything to con you out of your money, or simply to feel powerful. Your future hasn’t been written yet–there are only possibilities and probabilities, constantly changing with your decisions.
    This far I WILL go: You will remain in your rut until you stop obsessing about being in a rut. The cure for boredom is work, preferably at something that interests you. (You may still be in a rut, but you won’t care, because the rut will be going somewhere.)

  4. Very simply put:
    The pricision of knowing an object’s speed is reversely proportional with the precision of knowing said object’s position.
    U cannot predict a system future or past conditions without knowing all the variables of the system in any specific moment in time. Thus it is impossible to know the future.

  5. No..I can’t tell you how to get out of your rut. But if it gets too deep…come over to my 360 and play in MY rut! We’re in a BIG rut over there…trying to get each other out of our ruts. At least we have a little fun wallowing in our ruts together!
    As for psychic things happening via internet..I’ve had at least 2 times of something happening between a YA friend and me. It surprised both of us. We weren’t trying to make anything happen. But…stuff happens..when you least expect it. Hopefully it’s GOOD stuff.
    If you want to know what happened you can email me. I won’t post it on here.

  6. your going to meet someone a friend of ricks.he will put you to work with some type of sales.computers i believe.and you just got a car rite.let me know whats up thats all i feel now.

  7. Here’s some advice:
    I am dead serious when I say psychics are nothing more than con men intent on separating you from your money. Don’t seek magical means to get you out of a rut. What happens to you in this world comes down to a very few things: where you start, what happens to you, what you make happen to you, your attitude and a little bit of luck.


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