If you're not brainwashed from birth, is religion obviously silly hocus-pocus like astrology?







  1. That’s kind of my stand. Since I grew up in a lapsed Catholic household…
    ETA: Lucy, atheists and agnostics don’t become born again. People of other Christian faiths embrace the born again mentality.

  2. The relatively large amount of born-again Christians would say no. Lots of people find religion later in life.
    Colette: I don’t really see what that has to do with what I said. Atheism and Agnostism aren’t religions.

  3. You can also be brainwashed into atheist from birth and thats becoming just as common.
    The religion you practice should be based on some rationality and critical thinking. I have found Christianity to be far from hocus-pocus

  4. I was brainwashed from birth but now I think religion is just as silly as astrology. I don’t get it when a religion says that another religion is weird. They’re all equally weird to me. I can’t believe anything that doesn’t have scientific evidence.

  5. I wouldn’t call have a sense of faith from your parents being brain washed but hey that’s your opinion and your entitled to it. so more power to ya.

  6. I think it is more likely. The kids at the Ethical Society are awesome. They are nice people who are able to reason and decide for themselves (with help from parents and other grownups) what’s the right thing to do.

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