If you're going to insult pokemon just go somewhere else. rate this pokemon pearl team based on Special attack

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Ok, i love special attack, so i decided to take the 6 strongest non-uber spatk pokemon and make a team. Here it is:
Ice Beam
Nasty Plot
Focus Blast
Shadow Ball
Grass Knot—or—Energy Ball
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast
MAGNEZONE(really hard to find a good moveset)
Magnet Rise
Zap Cannon
Hidden Power (water)
Trump Card
Hidden Power (electric)
Energy Ball
Sludge Bomb
Any suggestions? Any improvements? I’m happy with constructive criticism, just no ‘how old are you’ or ‘pokemon hasn’t been popular since 1999’ or cheesy answers just put out there to insult pokemon. Thnx.
ok, this may be really interesting, but how about this moveset for Magnezone
Hidden Power (ice)
Flash Cannon
Rain Dance
HP (ice)
Flash Cannon
Zap Cannon
As for special sweepers, sorry, but its my favorite way to use pokemon unless they have like no special attack, or just seem to work with special
sorry, minor typo, i meant to say ‘don’t work with special attack’
why do i ever so rarely get answers that actually make sense. Magneton is weaker, at least in sp atk, and if you have a full team of special sweepers, you wouldn’t have a weak one. and like my only truthful answerer so far said, 3 electric moves is not diversified enough. I may have had a water move but did that really help? no. so magneton is not even a thought, hes weaker and that moveset sucks.

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digital monsters
pokemon are

shane 2

6 sp sweepers makes my eye hurt….
magnezone w/ 3 elec attacks? i know its hard to find a moveset but diverse it a bit…
otherwise.. the party’s fine… (although it still hurts)


thats a pretty sweet team but i would get rid of magnezone and have magnaton instead and have thunderbolt,thunderwave thunder and then any other move you want


Ok, well its a pretty good team, that would unfortunately be completely walled by a blissey.
Porygon needs a STAB mvoe along with Bolt-beam so try and give it try attack. (or maybe hyperbeam as it can 1HKO a blissey when nasty plotted once.) Phychich is not nessecry as only alakazam really needs it. And maybe exeggutor
Alakazam id go with it grass knot over energy ball. or energy ball if u get alakazam to have grass knot.
id try going for HP ice thunder bolt/thunder (ur chioce if u want accuracy or paralyse and power). Zap cannon has bad accuracy so try geting flash cannon as it give pretty decent STAB. Last move of ur choice. If u chose thunder go for rain dance, if u choce thunderbolt go fo rthunderwave.
Trumpcard is a bit unreliable so id take it out for hp Ground. This is because ice and ground cover every type for at least neutral damage. Last move of ur choice.
doesn’t really have much of a move pool. Ur one seems to work. Maybe get grass knot instead if u get alakazam to have energy ball..


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