If your spirit astral travel in space, got sucked up by a black hole, would you be able to get out?

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You know…them black holes that sucks and eat up everything in space in it’s path…..like rocks, sand, even light.

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That all depends on what an astral traveler is. Is it material, is it affected by gravity? Does it have inertial mass? Does it even exist? The answer all depends on your opinion of what “stuff” an astral traveler is, if there is even such a thing. If the astral traveler doesn’t have inertial mass, then it won’t be sucked into a black hole to begin with.

Susan A

Well, since consciousness is an emergent property of our physical manifestation and therefore the existence of a separate “spirit” or “soul” is simply an illusion, no. But even if such a thing existed one would expect it to have some measurable mass and is therefore subject to the same physical laws as anything else sucked into a black hole so, again, no.

Tom E

Let me go find out.


well if your a spirit your weightless right. right and gravity only effects things with weight right. so a black hole would not effect you at all

Katrina D

of course you can get out. Spirits are not matter, black holes only consume matter.


I don’t think so. Black holes are physical, and astral is not bound by the physical. Get good enough at it, you can fly in astral travel, which defies the laws of physics on earth.
Let me astral travel to a black hole and find out…. AAAHHHH! Heeeeelllllppp……..*
Haha, just kidding. I get bounced back. Black hole is like a whirlpool and does not want me in. Oh well.


Of course! Because God is Everywhere and in Everything, good or ‘bad’. I’ll be fine 🙂


I dont know..???? want to try it, and see what happens, ill only go with someone else, to hold my hand,…Ill try anything thats for sure….LOL…


Well you all are missing some info I greatly fear entering one after my journey, I barely escaped. Before I did a hell load of research and black holes have a unimaginable amount of magnetic pull and the astral body has a small amount of magnetic field so you would be sucked in. I got sucked in and I can’t explain what it truly was like and escaping was terrifying It was hard to get out :I it was like another dimension, yet I found myself returning and part of my soul, because not all of your astral body goes with you, nearly died, It was creepy, but it’s fun, make sure it’s a weak black hole, and do your research!


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