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If your experience is a creation of your own mind, why is it not obvious to you?

The individual is only aware of a small portion of the contents of his own mind, out of which his world is created. All that we are aware of, by definition, is our conscious thoughts/feelings. Beneath that, it’s clear that there are unconscious thoughts since we often become aware of some of them.
There is one Consciousness from which all individual consciousness arises in the form of individuated perspectives on ‘creation’. Therefore, beneath your conscious and unconscious thoughts your ‘individual’ mind is rooted in Consciousness itself where it becomes inseparable from the minds of all other individuals.
The irony is that, although your world is entirely created from the contents of your mind, you can never be fully aware of those contents, and therefore cannot have control over that which you create. However, the more aware you become of the contents of the subconscious, the more your experience will correlate to your thoughts/feelings.


  1. Recently, I have noticed a synchronicity in my life to Y!A. For instance, last night I lost a bag full important puzzles for a team building workshop. I was upset.
    I looked at Y!A this a.m. and sure enough, there is a puzzle question right off! Something like “What if we are all right?” Funny stuff.
    Last week I was making invitations for a pirate party and,of course, there it was on Y!A…people using pirate slang! I used some of their jargon in my invitation!
    Synchronicity is very interesting…if we can stay conscious enough to see it.
    When we are conscious enough to “know thyself” we can synchronize our “self” with our lifestyle. There is less suffering when we get close to our true nature and respect it.


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