If your diagnosed with a pineal gland cyst does this make you more apt to have psychic abilities? ?

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I have cyst on my pinal gland and I am inded psychic and a medium. Do I think this is why I am, I’m not sure. I have been gifted since I was a child but only resently found out I have an cyst. It would be interesting to find out if othe psychic / medium have an cyst. it would be some new information to go by. My answer would be Im not sure.


I have just found your post and would be really grateful for your feedback. I have been a clairvoyant all my life and have just found that I have a 1.5 cm pineal gland cyst. I am feeling quite disturbed by this as I’m not sure whether it will get any bigger and I have to wait six months before I have another scan. You posted this a number of years ago and I’m wondering how you’re doing now? I would be grateful for any insight. Many thanks Julie


How did you fair, Julie? I’ve just discovered I have a large pineal cyst too (1.3 cm). Interestingly, I’ve been ‘psychic’ since childhood, as well.


I too have just been found to have a pineal gland cyst. I have never considered myself clairvoyant but I have had instances where I have been aware of something occurring moments before it does. I am keen to explore this further.


I just found out I have a 5.0 mm cyst and I was concerned it was negatively impacting my third eye function. Several on this forum seem to proclaiming it as a positive. I’m baffled.

Carlo P

No. You are confusing real science and medicine with pseudo science and witch doctoring. Since psychic powers have never been proven to exist in any legitimate research that has ever been peer-reviewed and accepted, it would be impossible to obtain any meaningful measurement of how a cyst on a gland could have any effect on these alleged powers. This question is equivalent to asking: “Could suffering with a cold sore on your lip empower you with X-ray vision?”


Hmmm. Witch doctor? Doubtful!
Even Oprah and Dr. Oz highlighted past life regression as a healing tool. This would imply that a hypnotherapist or psychic has the ability to lead you to those answers. Integrative therapy involves Western and Eastern philosophies, medicinal and spiritual. There is a whole body effect when glands work in harmony with others. So, wouldn’t it be possible that pressure in the pineal gland could cause other parts of the brain to have heightened focus or function?
I did get a past life regression done looking for some answers. The professional I consulted said “Never let them take that cyst out. It’s highly related to your creativity.” Hmmm. Worth pondering at least.


Yes, I have a cyst on my brain and I have psychic ablities which I believe are related to the cyst. When I lay down to go to sleep., when I am in the half awake state, my abilities flare up etc. It’s no joke.

Meg Hartley

I’ve always been a spiritual person and just found out that I have a 5mm pineal cyst. So fascinating! Further more so because I’m healing from a severe b12 deficiency, and read that nutritional deficiencies can lead to pineal cysts. Everything for a reason, eh?


Hey I feel like I’ve had a connection to the spiritual world my whole life and just found out 8 months ago there’s a cyst on my pineal gland to. Do you think the two are connected?

Kathleen Dearinger

Me too. I have a cystic space in my posterior fossa and I’ve been psychic my whole life


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