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If your consciousness could be uploaded onto the computer, is it possible someone could delete you?

If you made a computer-uploaded version of your brain, and
extinguished the old brain, could someone hit the delete button
and essentially “kill” you?
Would you be at the mercy of someone at the keyboards having a bad day?
You should have a few back-up files of the brain’s “Consciousness” just in case your
“consciousness” gets deleted…
I’m not talking silly off the wall s h i t either!
Check out this link…..
oh yeah, the characters in the matrix were
pretty much uploaded, though the real bodies were stationary and rooted in the matrix.
Just think of being caught in a matrix fighting Mr. Smith-like characters just to get back to your own conscious body….
keraphem, I thought I was getting heavy on here till you came along….those are some mind-blowing concepts….whether you culled them from sci-fi or came up yourself with them, those are as mind-blowing as it gets.
That concept of being caught in the power
grid substrate is incredible……..yes, nothing short of a major meltdown could zap you from electronic manifestation…..
You would essentially become one with the power grid.
Perhaps one could become God in those
circumstances with just the right push…


  1. well considering you would be connected to the internet, you could just go down the information super highway to another computer. you just have to worry about computers with dial up and viruses

  2. You could be deleted if you stored yourself on volatile, localized memory hardware.
    BUT, if you (instead) propagate yourself as a quantum wave function throughout the world’s electronic networks — including all telecom, power grids, cable, satellite, etc., whatever’s connected electronically — then nothing will delete you (short of a worldwide EMP catastrophe).
    By logical extension, you could make copies of yourself and “beam” them out on laser, radio, and microwaves into space and ride the solar winds forever, although the electromagnetic fields might get so dispersed that a single thought could take a thousand years to make…but then again, there’s the quantum entanglement effect: “a measurement made on one particle can produce, through the collapse of the total wavefunction, an instantaneous effect on other particles with which it is entangled, even if they are far apart.”
    The interesting thing about becoming a god (as opposed to just becoming very, very, very powerful) is that at such an expanded state of consciousness, a being may become so “all-seeing” that they might lose interest in action. What I mean is that at the point you become omniscient (and perhaps omnipotent) you might be looking at reality from such a different perspective that the daily grind of lowly lifeforms will seem inconsequential.
    Just a thought experiment…


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