Home Discussion Forum If your chakra is green what does it mean ?

If your chakra is green what does it mean ?

and can the chakras be male or female ?


  1. I’m going to guess Naruto Fan?
    OK Chakras are actually points on your body to which Energy, In real life called Qi, Ki or Chi etc., Not The Energy it self.
    Here is a map through the main Chakras.
    Ki is Colorless. However the Auras are of different colors.
    Naruto takes a lot of Liberties in it’s mysticism, it’s fiction so it doesn’t matter if it’s 100% accurate. Just know that many terms and techniques are misused.
    If you are still curious about the true meanings.
    Ninjutsu is the real martial art used to become a Ninja
    Jutsu means art or technique.

  2. no, chakras aren’t
    ‘male or female.’
    Green generally means healing.
    Every chakra has a representing color associated w/it.

  3. which chakra may I ask you?
    As the heart chakra is green and is to do with matters of the heart so to speak.The chakras are neither male or female, but are energy points which conect us to the spirit world and mother earth.
    you should find some one who does reiki or aura soma to help you understand some more.

  4. Everyone is right. Green represents healing. You would make a good spiritual healer, nurse, or doctor. It’s also the color that represents the heart chakra.


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