If your body is 21grams lighter instantly when you die, does that mean when you astral travel?

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that you are 21 grams lighter also?

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Do you really believe that people can do that? Show me some objective proof that someone can astrally project.
Extaordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Give me thumbs down all day,but prove to me that this astral projection stuff is not just somebody’s dream or altered state of consciousness or shut up about it. It’s nonsense.

Ashley- Advocate for Christ

21 grams is a negligible amount, (think 21 paper clips) and it probably has to do with lack of air in the lungs.


Its probably means you crapped your pants, when you die nothing is held back.

Sweet cheeks

very interesting. Yeah because when you astral travel, apparently your soul leaves your body, so that makes sense.


It is called flawed science. If you read snopes you’ll realize this experiment was carried out in 1909, yielded varying results with a sample size of 6 and is very contested.
I agree with the doctor at the time who said this is due to warming of the blood.


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