Home Discussion Forum If you witnessed McCain or Obama practicing Tai Chi in a park,...

If you witnessed McCain or Obama practicing Tai Chi in a park, would that influence your vote?

Is this question too cerebral for you hobbledehoys?


  1. No, but I can sure as hell tell you that if I saw one going to dinner with a known, admitted terrorist, or hanging out in a racist front organization disguised as a church, that sure as hell would.

  2. Sure it would make my vote a whole lot easier cause I vote with my feet and my voice and I would make it vocally and physically clear to both of them how much I “dissaprove” of them

  3. No, it wouldn’t. I’m more interested in their platforms. Oh wait, Obama still won’t give us hardly any specifics. Why is it that so many people don’t understand that change can be bad just as easily as good. Why hasn’t he told us his plans so we can decide if we like them or not? He is an amazing speaker, better than Bill Clinton in my opinion. He even makes McCain look bumbling and confused by comparison. However, we need more than an amazingly persuasive speaker in a president. We need an experienced leader who has the country’s best interests in mind, and I don’t see evidence of that in Obama. I want to know what he’s hiding by not telling us his platform. Thus far I feel like I have to vote for McCain simply because I know a lot more about what he stands for. I’d much rather make an informed decision based on who’s platform most closely matches what I feel is important, even if it winds up being Obama’s.


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