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If you were to meet a Shaman, how would He explain Mindfulness?

Live more mindfully , write a new chapter in your life , reclaim your wholeness and feel reverence in your heart , for by planting these seeds you will create a beautiful garden that will bear fruit to sustain your soul and nourish your spirit for eternity.

Micheal Teal – Poet , Philosopher and Shaman
What are the seven characteristics of Mindfulness?
Mystic…Hit a Home run! :))


  • I would equate the Beatitudes with character building.

    But how do you forgive?
    How do you love someone that has wronged you?
    How do you learn to apply these traits everyday?
    I think it was a psychiatrist/ lecturer Gerry Jampolski that I heard
    address this subject. His answer was that a “HOW TO” book had
    been written that actually taught people how to learn to apply
    these ideals in daily life. The book he cited has 365 daily
    exercises to apply to any life situations. The book is “A Course
    in Miracles”. Since Dr jampolski started working with the Course
    he has authored several other books that help to understand
    the principles involved. But if you apply the principles, you don’t have to understand to get results.

  • Great question: What is mindfulness when mankind doesn’t mind destroying itself with little or no regard to other life.
    I will just focus on JESUS CHRIST and hope he gets me out of here before the nutcases totally run the asylum.
    Right now my mind is on one characteristic (Love for my wife) whether it be for selfish reasons or reasons of true concern of helping her.

  • I have met many and did some work with a Shaman some years back. I would describe it little different though I think it is the same. Be conscious in all that you do and think. Everything you do and think has an effect on others.

  • An example of mindfulness is when you do the dishes, you do the dishes, nothing else exists except the dishes. You can use this technique in all aspects of your life, it takes practice, but it is a wonderful act of self.

  • Mindfulness is being aware and considerate of others and how your actions and words may affect others. When we are caught up in our head with those spinning thoughts and swampy morass of feeling and thinking, we cannot be mindful of our real selves and the world around us with our pure and still conscious mind

  • most “shamans” (that term is outdated and incorrect outside of referring to healers in Lapland, Russia, and Tuva) dont know about Buddhism and concepts such as mindfulness. Im sure they have a similar understanding of being present in the moment. it takes great focus and mindfulness during rituals and healings to make them work. I have yet to meet an indigenous healer, i have only met students of such healers.

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