if you were to make your own sgt peppers album cover….whose faces would be on the cover…?

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who are the immortals of your private universe?
some of mine:
bill hicks
louise brooks
liz fraser
patrick mcgoohan
dead can dance
kate bush
spike milligan
derek jacobi
morticia addams
john hurt
lenny bruce
george orwell
arthur rackham
charles darwin
oliver postgate
peter cook
marx brothers
buster keaton
bridget helm
sheena mcdonald
john dowland
proffessor frink
jrr tolkien
douglas adams
peter gabriel
jim morrison
david attenborough
julianne moore
lynda sprogis
paul bennett
rowan atkinson
oh..theres millions more, but ill stop here.

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liz mcclarnon and mine

jimmy d.

The Beatles, of course.


No faces, butts. You would have to guess who they were.

Not so Sxy_brunette

BEATLES! HELLO!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

Robert C

Great question!
Noel Coward
Scott Joplin
Frank Baker
Robert Di Nero
John Betjemen
Audrey Tautou
John, Paul, George and Ringo
Eric and Ernie
James Thurber
Robbie Fowler
James Earl Jones
Germaine Greer


Attila the Hun
Adolph Hitler
Timothy McVeigh
Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan
Oprah Winfrey
all over on one side
Stephen Hawkings
The Jolly Green Giant
Freddy Kreuger
Bill Clinton
Gary Coleman
among the people on the other.
I’d dress the band up in cheerleader costumes
in honor of our president
and instead of a bed of flowers, I’d have them standing on a very gaily colored pile of throw away fast food containers.
I think this would bring the image up to date.


ditto to Ur’s… that’s just brilliant, btw. but i would also include Slash, edward norton and tanith lee.


is there anybody else ?


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