If you we're the Devil?





… would you embody yourself on earth as an angry tree hugging atheist liberal who wants to keep prayer out of schools
… or would you disguise yourself as a god loving Christian, and spread falsehoods about what we know to be true


  1. I’d go with the god loving christian……could be a of of fun…..I might even set up a creationism museum or something 🙂
    Then, when I was thoroughly bored because I had realized that humans could do a far better job of the whole thing by themselves than I could ever do I would focus on having fun & relaxing a little…..maybe move somewhere warm & sunny & just enjoy eternity in a quiet corner of the planet…….

  2. I’m a Muslim so I’ll become a Maulvi (wink) & act like most of them do. Destroy religion, God & everything in the name of religion & God.

  3. the Atheist is the spread of falsehood
    every one thinks it’s other religions but at least other religions have other religions or some belief system, however the Atheist is their to take hope and faith from those who have it.
    If I were the devil I would spend alot of time trying to figure out how to get good with God, because only the devil would know more then any one else that their is a God and the devils would know his days on earth are limited.

  4. Depends on what you refer to as a “god loving christian” and what their TRUTH “is.” Falsehoods does not mean FALSEHOOD to those who have done the leg work in researching theology as “I” have, and what I KNOW to be TRUE has been found objectionable to those who complacently ACCEPT what they are “told” without QUESTION………..

  5. I’d spread an ideology that superficially appeared benevolent and made people feel good but actually encouraged inhumanity of man to his fellow man.

  6. Funny you should say that,
    The Bible warns of an anti-Christ.
    My guess is that they are going to act Christ-like in the beginning.

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