If you were suddenly given true psychic powers, what would you do?

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Would you be selfish and use your powers to make yourself a lot of money, or would you use your powers to help mankind and save lives?

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John F

Honestly? Probably both.


I will probably use it at first for my benefit, but will irrevocably try to help people out for the whole Karma deal.

alisha s

i would just do the same things i do every day except i would know a lot more


could u really not be greedy? its the way man kind think, the way they act, but if u could see a problem in the world, then you’d fix it wouldnt u?

Paul F

Thats a wide-open question, but, heres my answer…………..Ive had “true psychic powers” all my life, and they dont work to make money for myself. They only work for others’ benefit. Ive healed, advised, and picked “lucky numbers”, but only when freely given and for no profit of my own.


no honestly I’m not the kind of people who use them for myself I’m more likely 2 use them 2 help others


To save lives, of course….Although that would be ALOT to carry on your shoulders.


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