• try asking at your local massage therapy establishment. Many massage therapists supplement their skills with Reiki.

  • do a google search on the Internet. there are also lots of actual reiki people that can tell you where to look! good luck!

  • The website below seems to answer all you could ever need to know about Reiki. I don’t know if you’re in the US or and UK. There are many classes scheduled throught the US, but there are also classes scheduled to be held in the UK (Glastonbury, Somerset) next June and July.

  • Do a google search and read up on individual teaching places. Many of the health magazines widely available have advertisements for Reiki teaching. I would avoid the ones that offer grades I, II and III to the status of master Reiki healer all in one hit – these tend to be not so good as it is a thing that should be strengthened over a period of time – the attunements can also make you feel a but goggy for a short time. I wish you luck – Reiki is an amazing thing.

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