If you were going to someone's home for meditation in the evening (once a week and holidays), what would you

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….expect and hope to find? What would make it really beautiful, a terrific place to be every so often?
With respect to places to sit: regular seating or floor cushions?
What would be the central focus for the meditation? A mandala, photos, candles and lamps, pictures of saints …. or a statue of Shiva Nataraj (The Lord of the Dance), or some flowers …?
What would be the best colors for the furniture and the walls?
That is very important: the color / colors ….
Overall: what would make you feel comfortable and conducive for a good meditation (this is just for friends ….) What would make you happy ….what would you treasure?
I guess also this means what kind of space puts you into a meditative mood and helps you along your path …?
And tons of ferns and other beautiful plants ….?
Thank you for considering …
peace & love

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my meditation rroom is mostly black and white, very plain. The bean bags to sit on are aromaish and they all are arounf a glass little table with flowers on it…also, there are some black and white candles and lots of aroma..i would feel at home with some modern art on the walls

Tod Teddy

colour pale blue, the colour of a hazy sky
candle vanilla scented
flowers, but soft colours not loud reds
but mostly just a feeling of peace and friendship
I like silence when meditating I find any sounds distracting


Light grey walls with a trace of purple and pink in it, plus cushions, plus the sound of falling water and lots of room to keep my mind from focusing on any sensory objects. Cover the bases, but do not clutter your meditation space. Your mind must be left free to find space within itself and if your meditation room looks like a supermarket, your meditation time will be in vain – less is more, so go accordingly.


Hi, first you need to make the room peaceful so the walls need to be in soft colours so that what ever time of day or night the colour brings Harmony to the people there maybe a silver grey or some sort of pale blue.The sound of water is good but not to loud as to distract,soft lighting,is a must.Have you thought of some sort of design on the ceiling like clouds,just a thought, and not to use white light use a colour.If you had the money you could get some-one to paint a picture of waves on one wall.I wouldn’t go to much with the flowers as some people suffer with the smells.


whats meditation


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