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If you were going to have dinner with some historical figures that included Albert Einstein?

and Martin Luther King Jr., would you also invite John Wayne to the table?
If you also invited John Wayne, would it improve the conversation?


  1. for sure id expect some great wine and women and nice accommodations plus bag of riches when i leave. john wayne can be the waiter

  2. I think he’d bring the conversation to a new level. I’m not sure what he could bring to the table but it would be at the very least amusing. I think Einstein and King would blow (no pun intended) Wayne away in the conversation.

  3. Einstein and King were real people. Wayne was a phonie. He wasn’t in the war and never did anything heroic, but people see him as a war hero and real man. If you are going to invite a phonie actor then he should be one who acted on stage and played a great man. Those kind of actors are much more intelligent than John Wayne types.

  4. Wayne doesn’t really fit with the other two, but I’d have him join just the same. I hear he was a great story teller. Never met the man, but I live near his Newport Beach house. I know people that knew him.


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