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If you were going to attempt contact with an alien race from outer space how would you do it?

Not on their home planet but perhaps in their space craft near Earth. What device would you use? And things like mental telepathy and the toaster are not the answers Im looking for.


  1. Radio waves would be ideal for now, but in the future, wormholes and energy waves that travel faster could be used. There are now projects searching for extraterrestrial life that use electromagnetic waves.

  2. with a shot gun i dont want any more aliens in my country
    hahahah john mmmhmm that seems liek it would work they should make a movie about that

  3. I’d make a helicopter that had a lot of flashing lights mounted on either side, then fly right up to the alien craft and start flashing the lights in interesting patterns. This is sure to communicate a message of peace and good will.
    Oh wait a minute…

  4. I would immediately get hold of a nic on Paltalk.com that goes by xxxmwxxxx. This person is an expert on that and has been in contact with aliens.

  5. A very good question. After all it’s not going to be like Star Trek where all the races speak English is it? I would say our first best chance would be communicating through mathematics using computer transmissions. Another question though is, as primitive as our technology is, would they even notice us? How would they precieve us?


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