If you were Cosmic Consciousness how would you express yourself?

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How are you doing so far? ; )

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gods are the expression of the universe….

oh… i’m quite slippy… it’s 6 am… not much sleep; i have my moments.


In the fist age (Yuga) i would express myself as a king and enjoy all that is best in life.
In the second age I would allow some evil so i could be the Hero and save the day.
In the third age i would allow a balance of evil. That way it would be a fair contest in whether i win or lose, the thrill would be in the challenge.
In the fourth age (Kali Yuga), I would allow evil to be greater than good. The challenges would be insurmountable, I would seek that which i truly crave as an omniscient being, a surprise. So i would go so far out and forget who i was that i would find myself reading this answer on R&S and laughing at the insanity of it.


But I AM and i do…in everything and in all ways.
i am Sirius


Such a person will be fully aware of everything in and out, past, present, future and beyond. His way of life is (will be) totally different than that of weaklings like us. We cannot judge our own self fully and correctly. How can we be in a position to know about the person who is even one step above us in self consciousness.


Cosmic Consciousness prime characteristic is an awareness of the life and order in the universe….An individual who at attains the state of Cosmic Consciousness is often described as ‘Enlightened’ and such a person is also said to have a sense of immortality, not of attaining it but of already having it.


We are all expressions of Cosmic Consciousness. Most of us are just unaware of that fact.

Rez Rostov

How could I not?


Exactly as I Am now. I Am the expression of cosmic consciousness. Consciously aware and bringing the invisible into form through this living Being that I Am. Radiating the energy of cosmic consciousness for all to share.

mitesh s

Cosmic conciousness also need Mind, memory, organs to express it’s nature. When someone is without ego, these thing can be operated without any desire but to just response to someone’s real questions or requirements.

cumpassionate chameleon

By observing everything about “my self”
How am I doing? I dunno! I’m just being… “my self”


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