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If you were born with no psychic powers or born a medium, can you learn/practice to become one?

Is there a way you could practice to become a medium?..
Like, you know how people keep studying and finally become able to interpret dreams? Can you for medium/psychic?


  1. Yes you can. I highly recommend you find someone with the same ability that has had years of practice to mentor you. They will also be able to help you understand your gift and your abilities. There are lots of people out there that claim to be gifted like this, so be careful. Find someone you can trust and develop a relationship with this person. Good luck!

  2. Don’t try because phychics do not exist. They are basically just lying.
    look up Penn and Teller and they will make you understand that it is complete BS in the first place.

  3. Its the Holy Spirit that will guide you into all truth. The other guides are demons, an when you do these things you will be inviting them, you will become used by them, I have seen this, an the person, was in agony after,she was always depressed an oppressed an she said so many strange things, an she couldnt find any relief. So you need to ask Jesus Christ into your heart an then ask him for the holy spirit, an the read (1 John). This also will reassure you of an eternal life, instead of dying

  4. Some would say that you have to be born with the inclination to be attuned to things such as psychic abilities. Mediums are typically not psychics but instead are more susceptible to higher frequencies allowing for them to communicate with extra-planer or intradimensional presences. After all, “ghosts” and “spirits” are not dead (at least according to my personal experiences and knowledge of higher physics. They are probably interdimensional and therefore not dead…just in another time and the contact given is that of a tapping of the vibrational frequencies.
    I would suggest that you do a little reading on multiple worlds theory so you can understand what I’m talking about as far as the people not being dead, just in another dimension. That way you can easily communicate without the fear of spiritual presence.
    As far as being a psychic, although (as I said before) some people insist that you have to be born with that ability but I believe anyone can do it but it takes years to hone it to perfection. Humans only use a small percentage of their brains and exercising that dormant area can bring on an attunement to other places, things and situations.
    Some drugs can trigger the capacity to open that dormant part of your brain. I’m not suggesting that you take drugs, merely stating that the shaman in ancient or earthly religions used them to connect to that frequency allowing them to see things that others couldn’t.
    You could probably train your mind to recognize and utilize telepathy centers of your brain but it’s something you woud have to stick with and discipline your mind to focus. It’s all about focus and understanding of where that ability comes in.
    Start out small…and don’t get flustered or frustrated if the first few weeks or months don’t yield the results you desire. When I say start out small, I mean that you can begin your practice with say…a deck of playing cards. Relax in a quiet, comfortable room and initially try to “see” what the next color to come up in the flipped card will be. After you get at least 50 percent correct, go to each suit of the cards, then when you’re ready go to the leve of for example: “Red number, black face card” before you try to get the exact number and suit. You will be able to work your way up to guessing the cards themselves after probably about a year.
    I can tell you with all honesty though, I read a book one time (and often read it again and again…I carry it with me because it’s a source of comfort)…well, this book isn’t about psychic abilities, telepathy or anything of the like…it’s what some people would refer to as made up garbage…it pertains to alien life forms and our role as humanity in the grand scheme of things…after I read that book, I know something happened because everywhere I would turn these coincedences would show up out of nowhere. My husband reported the same thing when he read it. The book for some reason links you into some kind of connective pathway and all of these spooky things start happening. The book, like I said, has absolutely NOTHING to do with psychic abilities but it does somehting. Even if you don’t buy the stuff in the book or take it with a grain of salt, try reading it anyway with a VERY open mind and see if you start getting that surge of coincedences like we did. It’s called Handbook For the New Paradigm. You can read it online or go to http://www.nohoaxes.com and order a free copy.
    Here’s the link to reading it online:
    You can print it out from that site…scroll down towards the bottom and it’ll give you a link to a PDF of the book so you can print it and not have to deal with going to the other site and ordering a free copy.
    All in all, I would say the best way to attune yourself is to relax, focus, concentrate and be patient…you will be able to develop some degree of abilities for sure.
    Edit: Also try to figure out what subjects you possess a natural inclination to. The ability I’m strongest with is, and this is funny, the olfactory sense. I can smell things that others can’t and connect them to people and places because I’ll get a random tapping on the shoulder…or tapping on the nose as it were :))
    I’ve often made the statement that I can smell “dead people” and the dead actually smell good!

  5. I highly recommend attending a Spiritualist Church on Sunday where you will find mediums that are focused on the highest spiritual energy of the Creator, using their gifts for healing and kindness. Usually they offer classes that will train you in a most spiritually sound, safe way. Mediums are go-betweens, giving messages. I have mediumship ability which I learned through Spiritualism. For me, any “contact” is God-centered, first and foremost. What I’ve received for others was clear to them, but I don’t remember a bit of it. It just came through. To me, the most important thing about mediumship is not messages, but channeling the highest energy for healing.
    At a Spiritualist Church, they can at least answer some questions you may have. You were born with psychic powers. Anyone who prays is already using the highest form of the innate sixth sense by looking for the highest force – God – with it. That is why many very spiritually-focused people say that with all their gifts and abilities, the Mother Teresas of this world have achieved the greatest spiritual level.
    Being good at dream interpretation has to do with having abilities to work with symbology and the way in which symbologies helps us to connect with the abstract worlds of our subconscious, the next world. and most importantly, with the Divine. I work with dreams, tarot, astrology, qabblah. These are all formidable ways to use what is inborn. Native American beliefs and traditions are also conducive to the development of this natural part of ourselves.
    Want someplace to start? Try Edgar Cayce’s ARE site. The part about dream interpretation is amazing.

  6. there is only one true source of giving true interpretations of dreams
    GOD through Jesus Christ !
    anything else would be deceiving, and demonic
    like a horoscope though many people read them does not make it right
    God has good plans for YOU, but it doesnt involve occult practices
    I read some of these other answers and I am continuously amazed at the many and varied cults satan has in the world
    there is only one name under Heaven by which men can be saved that is the name of JESUS
    Don’t be decieved, if you can believe in satanic power why can’t you believe in the power of the Holy Spirit
    Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God
    God is faithful
    He never lies
    He is full of mercy
    and He shares His supernatural power with us too !
    Jesus said “those who believe in My name, will cast out demons in my name.. (that’s done by faith) (supernaturally)…
    they will speak in other tongues ( that’s the Spirit of God giving you the utterance not spells and incantations)… and they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover ( that’s a supernatural power too, not only used for good but done ACCORDING to the Will of GOD !
    You can be the best you possible if you take God at His word
    God Bless You
    Have a Jesus Filled Life

  7. Hello
    We all have an amount of natural psychic abilities, & we all need to develop them – so yes.


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