Home Discussion Forum If you were able to create a voodoo doll....who would it be?

If you were able to create a voodoo doll….who would it be?

ALSO….where would you stick the pins?????


  1. Pedifiles!! All of them…..and use your imagination as to the pin placing (I am at work and cannot type such profanities!)

  2. any pointless celeb like rebecca loos or jodie marsh or abi titmus.
    id stick the pins all over. just because i could

  3. Hi i would create loads of voodoo dolls for every person that i think deserves a good poke with a few pins. I would stick pins all over every inch of the doll.

  4. Does it have to be just one? If I could make more then I would of one of my exes, his best friend (they were absolutely HORRIBLE to me), Pedophiles, Molesters & Rapists! There are quite a few specific places (i’ll leave it up to the imagination) where i’d be sticking those pins…and numerous ones in each place too!

  5. Oh, I really like this question, I would make one of my husband niece (I have his permission) she is one horrible, horrible person, can we used six inch nails instead of pins though!, I would stick those big nails right in her heart and hurt it just like she hurt my husband, ooooooooh that is a nice thought, trouble is it would probably be wasted on her, as were there is no sense, there is no feeling.


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