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If you were a "Walk-In" and you did past life regressions?

would you be viewing the past lives of the soul you switched places with or the ones your own soul experienced?
For those who are unfamiliar with the term Walk-Ins:
Interesting…so from what I’ve read in a lot of the texts, walk in’s are of alien descent and they have never lived on the planet. So I was thinking if a real walk-in did a successful regression, they would have memories of some other planet or spaceship, not Earth.
Lady Winter Wolf, did you check out the site? It explains what a walk in is. It isn’t anything like switching souls with someone living here on Earth and it’s not reincarnation. Another word for it is soul transference.
Thanks for answering Lady Winter Wolf. I don’t see it that way at all but I appreciate your input.


  1. Interesting question!
    I would think you would be viewing past lives of your own soul, not the one you switched places with since past life regression involves the spirit of the person at hand. (not that it couldn’t be the other way around, I just think past life regression tends to involve the spirit of the person at hand)
    Now, if you did a genetic history – like who past relatives are etc, I think that would come from the info regarding the body the spirit is now inhabiting. Which I guess technically wouldn’t necessarily have anything to do with either spirit.
    I don’t really have anything to back that up, its just my own personal beliefs.
    Thanks for the interesting question.

  2. I would imagine the own soul experiences. Maybe that is why in past life regression, people see themselves when they were, say 40. They don’t have any memories before that time because they weren’t in there yet. Also in PLR, why don’t people remember the wandering spirit mode of “life”? Anyway, no walk-ins allowed, I am by appointment only!

  3. I guess you’d just be seeing your own soul’s experiences.
    But that brings up another interesting question. Everybody knows Dr. Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk when he gets very angry. Maybe the Hulk is a spirit entity possessing Dr. Banner. Would the Incredible Hulk have the same soul as Dr. David Banner or does the soul switch during the transformation? If the Incredible Hulk did a past life regression would he see something different than what Dr. Banner would see?

  4. I can only contemplate possibilities, of course.
    I guess it depends how much of the information (memories) is stored biologically and how much is stored in your soul. Does a soul have long term memory, or does some information just get stored in there when its switching bodies? Like as if you switched a computer processor in the middle of a calculation and some of the information that was in the processor cache got transferred from computer to computer. If this is the case, then the person could have memories of his/her own past life and that of the previous resident, as both would have carried temporarily stored memories into the body, which then got converted into chemically based memories in the brains long term memory.
    Its something to contemplate anyway.
    The hulk doesn’t have a seperate soul, its simply one soul split in half, anger/peace, same with Dr.Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde and Tyler Durden.

  5. I totally agree with Reiki Chick.
    It’s not the past life of the body… it’s the past life of the spirit, therefore it would be your own actual past lives.

  6. As we are spiritual beings encased in physical bodies, if the spirit has been replaced with another spirit, and if this spirit commonly termed a “walk-in”, under hypnosis they would be accessing the physical body’s CURRENT resident soul’s Akashic Record and past life memories. If they were of Lightworker Origin, Angelic Realm Origin, Delphinian, Arcturian, Pleaidian origins, etc., they would be only able to access what God felt right for them to recall. Sometimes they do have vivid memories of their “in-between lives” in the Spirit Planes, and maybe able to delve deeper into those times, yet the God-Consciousness Level is restricted much if not most of the time, due to information being divulged way too much to the individual who could literally write volumes of books the size of The Book of Urantia (over 2,000 pages) about what they could recall and know. Life here is much like a huge school, and it would give the individual far too much advantage to have this knowledge in their conscious mind.

  7. Considering this is a typical description of reincarnation, in which the soul is so traumatized by the rebirth that it “forgets” or represses its past life; that past life regression is an attempt to open up the repression or open up the mind to what it has forgotten….well my question would be, how do you switch souls with yourself? Or is this “walk-in” theory that you are switching souls with another person altogether? But if the body is just a vessel, whatever body a person is born into, the soul is still intact, just the memories repressed. You wouldn’t suddenly get memories from another soul that occupied the body, for the body, once dead, decomposes and cannot be reused.
    Sorry, but this sounds like one of those Disney movies where mom and daughter switch bodies.
    Yes, I looked it over Mel, but went back and looked it over one more time. Still not impressed, and while it did mention the same theory I cater to (souls are reincarnated into newborn babies), I did not see the point of a new soul suddenly entering the body of an older person. If the older body is still alive and its original soul is pushed out, that leaves a corpse which has no memories of its past. For a new soul to enter it, you would then have the walking dead. This only gives credence to the mythology of the walking dead, and so starts the ridiculous questions about vampires and zombies once again.

  8. I examined the website and the past history of the author. I am of the opinion that “walk in” is an explanation for a psycholigical disorder commonly called “Post truamatic Stress”. A very common sympton of this idsorder is a “distancing” of the personality from the environment.
    I persobaly don’t buy into the wqalk in theory at all as it is absent foundation as a probability.
    Thye “soul” as you say is merly the spiritual-personality inhabiting the body. Personalities in my view searve no purpose in swithing roles from withion a body to a disembodied form. The personality is always responsible.
    If there is more on this matter I’m open to ponder it.
    On the matter of aliens and so on. In this I agree as I have come across this many times in my-reincarnational studies.
    Earth is a highly sought after location in which to encarnate. As reincarnation is not always “planned out” we have the tides of consciousness pushing and pulling all the while. During these tides personalities can be and are thrust forward into our existence from alien planets. This I find as unusual as law of attraction “like attract like” is absolute. Aliens, not being “like us” would have some special-reason to encarnate amoung us of our species. I just think it rare but I also believe it dose occure.

  9. First considering past life regression, the method of hypnosis would be an important factor.
    Even hypnosis for retrieval of past memories from a current life have become questionable being that the person doing the hypnosis must be extremely careful not to lead the person with questions that may produce false memories created by fantasies, fears, stories the person has heard and even created from a film the person has seen or a story that has been read. The person may not even remember the story but when dealing with the subconscious memory an improperly worded statement may stimulate or create a “recalled” situation that has never taken place.
    When I do work with a person using hypnosis I generally take between 2-6 hours or longer for one session and have the person move between various areas and times. If I have an hypnosis appointment, this is the only appointment I will have for the day. I limit any direct suggestions as much as possible aside from the guidance to move to a relative time. Once the person has given some information I can use this but do not allow myself to suggest any of my own interpretation as to what the information may mean. This is one of the reasons my method takes so long. There are times when I will have multiple sessions with the same person in order to gain a limited amount of information. You will rarely find this with the standard practice for those who work with hypnosis because they are working with considerations of producing results for the subject and earning their fees. My personal motivation is not for financial profit but rather for research and understanding, therefore I am extremely careful not to contaminate the results.
    Another factor that may contaminate the retrieved information is emotions which can influence the subjects interpretation and communication of information. I have found that when an emotional influence is involved, a method of disassociation has worked well to allow the subject to relate the situation as an observer as opposed to a participant which helps to keep the natural interpretation based on an emotional bias to a minimum.
    Considering reports of people who have received a transplant having developed a new taste or habit tat mimics that of the person who donated the transplanted body part there is a possibility that there is a cellular memory possibility that would be available to the Walk-in. At this point it would require the hypnotist to ask the subject who the memory is coming from/who the person is in the present. Again with the wording, the hypnotist would need to be careful with the wording in order to not contaminate the results.
    When doing a past life regression the information retrieved is dealing through the body even if it is with considerations of the former existence of the soul and therefore one must consider the possibility of information relating to both aspects even if the predominant information would be for the soul. The hypnotist must be able to direct and separate the two. In dealing with the Shamanic practice of “soul retrieval” there is some parallels to the Walk-In explanation. When a person has an experience that causes trauma there is a consideration of the soul becoming fractured and splitting which gives similar symptoms to the Walk-In. If the separated part of the soul is retrieved, this can also give way to a change in personality that again relates to the Walk-In explanation.
    For theories of reincarnation there is a possibility that when a soul dies, they maintain the emotional bonds and desires of the former life however with rebirth the trauma of reentering a physical body may cause a disorientation and the human brain acts as a filter which blocks the former information. Although not in the case of a Walk-In, the following information that one learn blocks out and replaces the former life. For the disorientation and filtering of the brain, these would still apply.
    If the Walk-In soul were of alien descent, it would be difficult to relate the memories within the understanding of human knowledge and general social acceptance of reality which would also account for the feeling of not belonging to the physical life of the body. Even the consideration of alien the way you interpreted it is taken as being from another planet or spaceship. If the Walk-In is a spiritual being that is shifting from another dimensional existence this could also be considered an alien although not necessarily from a physical existence as we know it. There is a theory that evolution was influenced by beings from a non-physical dimension and occupation of a physical body along with the ability to experience the physical and emotional aspects thereof has become an addiction which would also pertain to ghosts and spiritual contacts. When the addiction is overcome, this would be the time that a soul has completed their time here which relates to the exchange of souls and he former occupant of the body making space for the WI.

  10. The term “walk-ins” was first used by Ruth Montgomery in her book Strangers Among Us. It was about people who were very much of this earth walking into other bodies.
    Here is a link to some reviews of this book on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Strangers-Among-Us-Ruth-Montgomery/dp/044920801X It says the printing is 1984, but I think that the book was probably written decades before that, because I picked up a very old paperback of it at some point, most likely an earlier printing .
    I think in a past life regression a walk-in would be viewing his own past life memories, not that of the soul who vacated the body.

  11. I have read more than one book on the theory/phenomenon of Walk-ins and I would have to say that such a being would be highly evolved and have no need for past-life regression unless it was a way of teaching others. In that case I would suppose that this walk-in would of course recall his/her own previous incarnations. Blessed Be…~M~
    *edit: Have you read any of the Seth books by Jane Roberts? Like…Seth speaks? Good reading.

  12. my understanding of the universe is that all things manifest from the mind. all consciousness resides in the mind, so the ‘soul’ and the body are merely reflections of thought. an individual’s past experiences would be remembered in the mental manifestation, and would staty with the mind no matter where it went.
    but, i see no reason why a mental entity would need to ‘swap souls’ with a mortal. if you’ve become enlightened enough to do something like that, it would hardly need to be done anymore.

  13. Mel, that is one of those open questions. I was told by 2 or 3 “psychics” that I
    am a walk in. Provided me with many questions an d caused me to read several
    books where it was mentioned. And again I was told by a person practicing
    another method.
    Later I met Pat Rodegast, who channels Emmanuel. During a reading I asked
    about walk ins. She said they did not need that method. If they wanted to
    incarnate, they could.
    Some of them can appear to us on earth if they need to. In “Disappearance Of The Universe”
    author Gary Renard states that 2 enlightened beings appeared to him about 17 times
    over a few years. He could see them as normal bodies. They always stayed only
    for a few minutes but it seemed much longer because they could adjust time.
    Being told you are a walk in is apt to put you into a real ego trip. You begin to
    think “boy I must be elevated and very spiritual. Exactly what prevents spiritual
    enlightenment, because God loves everybody the same. No special people exist.

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