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If you were a superhero and had to chose between flying, invisibility or telepathy which would u chose?


  1. Thats a tough one, but telepathy because you can make better decision choices with that and possibly control your opponents
    otherwise I’d have said flying, as I like to travel 😀

  2. Telepathy is asking for trouble. We all have thoughts that better stay private. Flying is possible, with the means of an airplane, glider, etc. So I’d choose invisibility, because it’s the one humans can’t do yet.

  3. Invisibility. I would dodge the flying thing by sneaking on planes.
    I wouldn’t wish telepathy on my worst enemy. It would be gross and intolerable.

  4. I am so psychic I cant stand it sometimes.I dont read minds very well though so relax.I would pick invisibility,but I am afraid I would wont to look at people with there cloths off.

  5. Flying- I love it- I fly like superwoman in my dreams almost every night and the best thing about it is that I remember them in the morning. The sites are awesome……..telepathy………I already can read people’s minds sometimes and that makes me invincible.

  6. Flying. The others would probably be more useful, but flying would just be so damn fun. I can only imagine how great it would feel to fly over a beautiful lake or mountain or valley, or to weave my way in between tall skyscrapers in cities. Sure, I can fly in a plane or helicopter, but you don’t get to feel the wind in your hair and your view is obstructed. And a hang glider is cool, but hardly convenient. So yeah, I’d pick flying. Mainly for selfish reasons, as you can see.

  7. Invisability definately. I could see what they were doing or who they were with and never be seen. It would be like a spy or something. Then try to tell me they were here or there. Right! I was there, I was invisable remember. LOL

  8. invisibility, i could sneak into so many places, movies, concerts, playboy mansion. i could walk around naked all day no one would know. flying is for the birds and telepathy is trouble

  9. Definately Telepathy. If you can get into the minds of the villains, you can solve the crime faster, or before it even happens. Invisibility has it’s possibilities but it is limited. Being able to fly just gets you to the crime scene faster. Telepathy allows you to know before it happens and therefore stop it faster!

  10. Invisibility. Then I will be the defective. I will get out all the crimes of the society and help the needy people by becoming invisible. I will go to my girlfriend’s house without any fear of her parents and I will get visible when she will be alone and I will be her friend in the long holiday and I will provide her security in the night by sleeping with her everyday. I will play several games with her and I will help her to get out of her problem which she will be facing and also I will fulfil her needs. If any boy will tease her in the class, I will go to his house invisibilly and punish him very well.

  11. Tough choice between flying and telepathy. Telepathy would help my counselling career. Flying can help me do some really fun stuff…haha

  12. invisibility.
    i’d never want to be a superhero.
    the only reason i’d chose it is simply because i can finally sneak in to my crush’s house and just stare at him the whole day. =x
    telepathy sounds cool too.
    we could cheat during exams =x


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