If you were a super hero what powers would you have?

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I would love the chance to fly and freeze time lol that would be so cool.
If you are stuck here are a couple of suggestions:
Reading Minds
X Ray vision
Freeze Time
Lazer Eyes
Thanks Guys
Ash xx

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i think i would like to be able to fly and invisibility you could spy on anyone anywwhere anytime hehe like celebs!


shape shiftng ( I would love to turn into a wolf), then premonitions, then teleportation. You didn’t mention the one I would really like, being invisible.


Reading minds :] i would love that, i’d able to work people out more & understand them.


I would have spiritual powers, the ability to control the energy within myself!
That power transcends all others and will give me multiple abilities.
Walking through objects, increased perception, the abilitie to push/pull/hit things from a distance and so on! ^____^

hannah banana

ability to control time

Wild Bill

healing factor and adamantium bones

sexy steeler's fan

OMG! the power to control people minds…lol


Unlimited sexual prowess…..
…and several days with Belldandy!

The Indian Gryphon

I’d love to have teleport (it’s really boring to just walk to some places)
like Nightcrawler in X-men.


Telekinesis for the win!


the sharingan the byakugan mewtwos telekentic abilities mind reading dbz powers the ability to summon the powers from bleach super intelligence super speed super strength etc basically all the senses super and the ablity to fly and to have a thin transparent shield that is invincible, no feeling of pain thats mainly it ooo and all geass abilitys


the power to manipulate living cells… u can cure, heal, replenish organs, regrow limbs…etc etc..


Like Ueki, the power to create trees/plants from trash
Thats a great modern power that help earth each time you use it pawning an ennemy or other and there is trash everywhere


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