If you were a Forgive Affirmed Spirit at heart, would you ever admit it?





by skahhh:

Life does not always seem FAIR!
Hi! I am a Forgive Affirmed Spirit and this is what I profess and try to act like.
Forgive Affirmed Spirit is the belief in a way of life that is a method of grief resolution and functional communication processing involving active listenning, sympathy, empathy and affirmation of shock, denial, anger, guilt, depression, loneliness and hope…a kind of ego-equilibrium seeking methodology.
A Greater Works of communication and action, a way to learn to love your enemies “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you AS IF YOU WERE THEM!”
And nobody is perfect! NOBODY! We are all judgeable, hopefully in a graceful discerning way! We are all doing our best every moment!
Humans judge everything as we are a part of it. Without difference, we have nothing to live for, nothing to witness. Sin is difference, the relative seriousness with regards to law and survival of other beings, is punishable by the courts. The best way to judge is with as much graceful discernment as one can muster in a given moment!
Life is the question(uncertainty) asked by the exhaling infinitely compacted imagination invention, or no thing, which is completely certain of everything, completely omniscient or all knowing.
When I die, I believe I will be in a new state, aware of all that is and yet divided into the nature of dust that I am in, whereupon my dust shall fall. My being will remain an infinite part of an infinite being and infinite knowledge without my material human being status of now. So there will be a change.
But my soul, my passions and discompassions, will move on to infinite places of comfort and challenge. Able to return to this state of uncertainty and free choice illusion for another ride when it is called effectively to do so.
So that the children of God, the creations of God, .. are actually part in parcel of that God or Creation Energy!
This life is a roller coaster ride. Enjoy your passion within it and whatever gathering of two or more in Forgive Affirmed Spirit to make it better can garner.
Healing be unto you and yours and me and mine in
Forgive Affirmed Spirit
Yogi, I am afraid breaking that cycles does not seem to be in the cards…..But good luck on that.
If you go to heaven, consider that you may be of complete knowledge and how boring is that gonna be? You may want to reconsider. There is no better ride of non boring uncertainty, than life, right?
Queen, that is encouraging, but maybe some day I will meet some that do. They may not be attracted until there are others. Religion has a way of singling out people that don’t fit! The persecution that can take place is like a psychological crucifixion sometimes.

Answer by arthur
Uhm..what was your question?


  1. i’ve never heard of this but i thank you for introducing me to this belief. to be honest with you, whatever i believe in…i have to admit it to myself and others for it to be true faith, or else it’s not faith. so if i did have the same beliefs as you i don’t see why i shouldn’t admit it. no matter what you believe there are always others who believe the same thing. everyone has a support system.

  2. No.That is not my goal.Self realization which results in breaking the cycle of rebirths is my goal.Rightflly I am on this path and also leading others to follow this.

  3. Most people today have no backbone with regards to religion. The society we live in has scared the living daylights out of them. Either their churches or the government has terrorized them about eternal damnation to the point that Forgive Affirmed Spirits are a very small minority, although there is no way to prove it, which is how the government wanted it to be.
    I would be surprised if you got anyone to admit they would say they were a Forgive Affirmed Spirit. Too much truth in your religion! Good luck!

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