If you use a Ouija board by remote viewing while astral traveling is it still dangerous?

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I am super super serious.

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Paula from Maple Street

If you’re capable of remote viewing while astral traveling, then why would you even need a Ouija board?


Ouija boards do not exist in the astral realm. Ouija boards are dangerous in general.


A ouija board is always dangerous, and so can astral projection be dangerous. Astral projection is the soul leaving the body and it can bwe very vulnerable, now if you combine that with the use of a ouija board, your really endangering yourself, because you are opening a portal that nothing good comes from, and u are vulnerable to attack or possession. Leave it be, don’t try it

Christopher P

Good question.
My guess is it would still be dangerous.
I don’t know too much about astral travel / projection but it seems to me that you would need to keep your mind on the job. I don’t think being distracted by a Ouija board would be a good idea. I also suggest packing up the crystals before you set out on a voyage (that glittering can also be distracting).
We saw what happened to that comet that flew into Jupiter some years ago – I would not like to see you in your bed or lounge chair flying through the heavens and being sucked into Jupiter’s gravity. All I am saying is it is better to be safe than sorry.

Wow. Such negativity! Ouija boards are dangerous? Toasters are dangerous. Speaking out of line is dangerous. EVERYTHING is “dangerous.”
FIrst off, don’t be scared or misled by people who ever so ardently tell you that the board is useless. Right. Humans have been stupid enough to use a thing for a couple thousand years. But it doesn’t work. That is one self-important attitude. You are being insulted and should not stand for it. This idea is complemented by the equally silly idea that you have opened a “gateway to hell.” Phooey! Why is it always devils that come through? Why don’t these gloom and doomers see ANGELS coming through? Are demons stronger than God, for God’s sake? You know that is silly.
Science has recently discovered that the brain reacts EXACTLY the same to an experience whether you actually have the experience, or just dream that you are having it. That is how powerful the mind is. And with devices like the Ouija board we try to get beyond out senses. We try to see the universe – just a glimpse, mind you – as it really IS, not just how we perceive it. So don’t be alarmed by extra-normal (paranormal) events. That is what you want with a Ouija board and with OOBE. You are on the right track!
Better to be safe than sorry? No… Much better to take a slight risk and discover the Universe as it really is! Play it safe and you get nowhere.
Here’s something that may help… it is a replica of the original instruction booklet from the Ouija board – published in the 1930s. Unlike the current packaging, this has very good instructions plus suggestions for use and true stories of things that have happened with the board (I have verified several of these tales in the files of the NY TImes!). This is under ten bucks. Check it out. You seem to have good abilities.
Also, click my name for my website.
Rev. Eliot


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