if you think you have psychic powers, like i dream then sometimes it happens, think i have mental telepathy,?






what do i need to do to develop it?


  1. I don’t think I have psychic powers. I do no what you mean though. I once had a dream on a Thursday night that my uncle was going to to die and the following Friday I found out that he died that day. I have dreams like that every once in a while. I had a dream that my sister was pregnant long before she ever found out. It’s creepy because I see things that are going to happen before they do. I once had a dream that a friend of mine who I had not spoken to in over 8 months had gotten married. When I spoke to her she had gotten married at the same time that I had the dream. I think it is just your subconscious telling you what is going on. That is the only way I can explain it.

  2. this isnt a common thing to happened to ppl (dreaming then it happens)…….but there is no need to be alamed or anyfin. its not telepathy thats readin ppls thorts and shit lyk that. u just have a touch of psychic ability thats all, maybe ask ppl in ur family if they have the same problem cuz these thing normally run thru the family. i have a touch of psychic ability to only mine is feelings if i have a bad feeling its normally cuz something bad is about to happen and it does or if i had a good feeling normally something good happens i no when ppl are sad or upset even tho they dont show it and act really happy its just a feeling a get. i also no when someone is about to ring me with out being told or some one has been trying to contact me. theses things just happen to ppl sometimes and it really cant be help. its good in away if u had a bad dream that some one close to u died or something happened to them u cood tell them and warn them its exactly lyk seeing into the future by dreaming u shood count urself lucky i no lots of ppl hu wish they had the same ability as u…….:) cheers
    p.s this will get stronger as u get older

  3. i have a dream that comes true once and a while like i dreamed about a kid in my school getting cault smoking weed in the bathroom.and the next day the same kid did get cault! but i have no idea how to develope it…sorry hun.

  4. i know what every1 means im vivica im 13yrs old n i thinki have physic abilities i havent told my mom or anyone except my freind my freind alley is special to i can feal it in her..shes the one who told me i did she enlightend me but shes my teach she says im a dream spirit n its like a witch but differnt i use spells but i dont need to it comes naturally for me i guess.

  5. I havent really thought of my ability as an acutal ability i have had it for a while now but i can not control it very well. I believe i have a mix of empathy and pyschic visions. I get extremely strong senses and visions of things some times they do not always come in full portions though an example would be my first experience trying to tell my mom and sister about my gift i told them that a resurant of some sort with the lettet be would be closing down soon, sure enough it wasnt to longer that a chain of a rhode island franchise closed down the name was bess eaton donuts. I meet my bf last year and i tryed to explain to him to not think i was a freak so i guessed his middle name which i had not known which turned out to be hid dads names as well which i later found out. On the other hand i see things i dont want to such as family members and how they die with no vision of the date i refuse to tune into them and ignore them. I do not have a lot of friends because i can see through them and it makes me feel uncomfortable how can i control this and is this truly an ability ?

  6. I know how all of you feel and I’m Alissa and turned 12 bout a month ago…. Anyways i have had bad feelings and then something bad happens and good feeling good thing happen. But I don’t dream… I’m awake and think about it all day and it happens…. Like when all i could think about was a fire alarm going off and it did and then that there was going to be a big surprise with the fire alarm And thats all i could think about…. when the fire alarm went off and it wasn’t a practice drill the next day we found out this 7th grader pulled it just for a little prank…. Sometimes i get it so bad all i do is sit anywhere even a loud highway and zone out…. and i know that something is up with one of my friends, even if they dont show it… it is a gift and you may not want it but think about this: Millions of people wish they had it and before i discovered i had it i wished the same

  7. I am just so afraid.. I dream dark dreams at nights and i feed off of the through the day worring because most of my dreams have come true in the past.. i drempt that my uncle died when i was about 8 and sure enough he died..I dreampt some one that i havent talk to in a while call me sure enough they do… i DREMPT I GOT SHOT WHEN i was at work sure enough I lost my job…. i dont know if it pure coincident because its not selected for me i can control when or how my gifts come to me they just do… what do i do…??how do i know if its real or an imagination….i feel like i have the gift i can read people if they are bad or good..

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