Home Discussion Forum If you tell your subconscious mind to stop breathing, will you die?

If you tell your subconscious mind to stop breathing, will you die?

Or have the heart stop beating…lol


  1. no you can slow your heart down but you cant go that far
    plus youd pass out before then and then while your unconsious youll breath

  2. Your subconcious does not control and body functions. It is, however, possible to convince your subconcious that you yourself (the ego) are its subconcious, thereby allowing you to warp your own tendencies and even reality.
    Then you realize you’re the one laughing so loud. It’ll be awkward.

  3. nope its impossible and im pretty sure science proved that. your cant tell ur subconscious mind anything either. thats why theres a sub in front of conscious. you cant get down there!!!

  4. I don’t think so. You subconscious mind does not control your heart. I’ve heard that the students of yoga can learn to slow the heart beat, but that’s with the conscious mind.

  5. Would all of you who use the term “subconscious” PLEASE tell me what you mean by it? So far as I can tell NO one on this site is aware that it is NOT a Freudian term, yet EVERY one on this site writes as if they know it’s a Freudian term!
    Freud used three terms for the levels of the mind: Conscious, PREconscious, and Unconscious.
    The term “SUBconscious” was introduced to psychology by Pierre Janet. http://www.nndb.com/people/051/000098754/
    Freud used it for about 2 months at the beginning of his thinking about psycho-analysis and the treatment of hysteria, and abandoned it as being too vague (and also because he didn’t like that Janet had thought of it first!).
    So I’m asking…if we’re going to talk in these terms (and I do NOT agree that there is an Unconscious or a preconscious or subconscious) can we PLEASE use the right term: PRECONSCIOUS.
    Thank you for your consideration… — Dr. Bob (Adlerian)


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