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If you practice Magick (magic, ritual, etc), do you practice every day regardless, or only when you have need?


  1. If you are talking about casting spells, no, I certainly do not do them every day. They are pretty much a last resort if all other conventional means have failed.

  2. It depends on how you choose to define magic(k). I dabble here and there but nothing extreme except for every once in a blue moon.

  3. I pray regularly but I do practice magick. I only ever use magick when necessary and as a last resort when all else fails…but generally, praying the rosary never seems to fail so it’s been years since I’ve ‘needed’ to use magick for help!

  4. Magick (or however you wish to spell it (LOL)) for me is ‘simply’ using my will to change my perception and consequently my reality. And as such I do it all the time.
    One could of course argue that everyone does this, just that for most, it is not a conscious process. Certainly for me magic requires deliberate use of will, but this is probably no different from Zen or any other discipline that teaches constant awareness. I just happen to favour the term “Magick”.
    I could, should I wish, include ceremony and ritual to strengthen the effect, but so far have not found it necessary. You could say I’m keeping that aspect in reserve.

  5. only when its both needed and right
    i dont think its to be used willy nilly and all the time for all reasons
    i think its for really important or personal reasons, things that matter

  6. For most operations, you are supposed to perform them once, however several magickal rituals are for daily practice. For example, the LBRP, the LBRH, Resh, and the Middle Pillar are designed for daily use, as a type of “Magickal practice.”
    Such things as goetia, Enochiana [Some forms], are for an as-needed basis.

  7. Yes, however I probably have a different idea of what constitutes ‘magic’.
    Life is itself magical, granted it may be magical in a nihilistic way, but it is nevertheless magical. Since life is meaningless, you create your own destiny. Create your own meaning. Various forms of rituals (if you choose to use them) are just essentially to focus your intent, focus your goal. It’s basically psychodrama.


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