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If you owned a voodoo doll, who would it look like and how much use would it get?

Everyone has one person they would like to see “go missing”. Because that usually leads to long vacations in jail, you get a complimentary Voodoo Doll 1000!
Who is it? And how do you abuse it?


  1. my sister-in-law. Hey, can we get rolling on that pretty soon? Thanksgiving’s coming up and I’m NOT looking forward to her home-cooked microwaveable turkey

  2. I can’t really think of anyone at the moment. Typically it would be my mother in law…but she’s ill right now and she’s getting punishment enough…for now.

  3. i actually have a voodoo doll and it kind of looks like my ex, but i won’t do anything to it…..at least not yet

  4. It would look like TRIXIE TAINT ~~shudders~~
    well awhile back it would have been used 24/7. I think I’d have put her down by now.

  5. It would look like Michael Vick.
    I’d let my puppy use it as a chew toy.
    Then I’d drop it in a vat of boiling water. x_x


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