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If you obtained an orb of pure energy, with the potential to be manipulated to?

have an existential affect on humans (hope I worded that right), what would you design it to do?
It can only be designed to do ONE thing, however.
To give immortality, love, logic?
(For visual effect) An orb like this: http://firsthour.net/screenshots/beyond-good-and-evil/beyond-good-and-evil-jade-glowing-orb.jpg


  1. if God came to me..i would love to have wisdom like king solomon got from God..but at the same time
    the world is corrup..not all but most people prob. go to hell..
    i wuld ask to go to heaven lol be under god’s favor
    i mean i could get love,wisdom or anything like that but i wouldnt be able to use it if i go to hell lol
    or i would love to be the one to save people like jesus ya dig..
    im sorry im not a religious person..but i been reading the bible lately lol so yea

  2. That just gave me an idea to compete with Windows…
    Our computer platform software will be called “Orbitals” or “Orbs” for short…
    Our computer company credo?
    Don’t be square…Go Round…
    (Instead of a rectangular window, our computer monitors will be like big transparent crystal balls the size of a bowling ball, and it’s all “touch screen” with programs in use being on the surface, and the other programs and files float around the inside so the whole thing would be “3-dimensional” with orbs inside of orbs orbiting around until touched, and then they instantly appear on the surface, which is the main screen…)
    Bill Gates?
    Eat your heart out…

  3. I guess immortality, forcing love or logic on people would be mind control. Hopefully, if people lived long enough, they would eventually come to find love and logic on their own.


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