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If you make a wish every night to die in your sleep, will it eventually happen, and how soon?

Does the subconscious mind have a way of making your wish come true? It seems since the subconscious controls your body, it would listen to the conscious mind’s desire if repeated often enouogh.


  1. it is stated in the Bible, God gave them over to the desires of their hearts…
    kind of scarey, like a self-ful-fillung prophecy…yikes.
    but really I think there is more to the deal.
    because your survival instinct comes to the forefront,
    and even if you started to “die” your lungs fight to inhale,
    and your brain fights to awaken…so hard to say if you
    really could pass away…without a fight….

  2. Eventually, all of us will die. However, the subconscious mind has little to do with dying, although it does control the body to a certain extent. I’m wondering, however, why you would want to die in your sleep. You must be deeply depressed about something, and you should get some help. There are other alternatives to overcoming difficulties than a death wish.

  3. To die is not the end of it all, its only the beginning – of eternity – where are you going to spend eternity. There is a heaven to gain and a real hell to escape from.

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