Home Discussion Forum If you love someone,can a rose quartz help your love grow?

If you love someone,can a rose quartz help your love grow?

I know what it is…..
i practice wiccan.


  1. Only the two of you can do that. Not a rock.
    EDIT: I think you mean you practice “Wicca.” A “Wiccan” is what someone IS if they practice “Wicca.” Just FYI.

  2. There is no possible way a rock of any kind is going to help love grow.
    Love simply takes time, communication, openness, honesty, etc.

  3. If you practice Wicca then you would already know the answer. If you don’t, then you’re not studying enough.
    It can only help love grow as well as a garden rake. It’s not the object that causes feelings to grow, it’s the people.

  4. most wiccans believe that the color pink or objects that are pink (such as rose quartz) will either help bring love into your life or, as you said “make your love grow.” however, since i do not practice wicca, i personally don’t believe that methods such as that work. (no offense)

  5. If you love someone, spending time with them, listening to them, talking with them, and working toward common goals will help your love grow. All of these things will be a lot more helpful than a rose quartz. However, a rose quartz wouldn’t damage it.


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